Document 3.10: Lost in a Maze

"Sometimes your boss just collected odd sets of things," the priest observes. Along with the papers, the boss left a bag of things--a few pictures, a few video and song clips on a CD, a few strange lines of text, and...some other things. "Turn and step," the boss wrote on the outside of the bag.

Come to HQ and receive your packet of "other things" for this puzzle.

  1. see packet.
  2. see packet.
  3. a3.jpg
  4. a4.jpg
  5. a5.mp3

  1. b1.jpg
  2. hexane; BP=~68°C
  3. I put instant coffee in my microwave oven and almost went back in time.
  4. grape sugar
  5. b5.wav
  6. Shadburne documentary about deafness
  7. b7.mov

  1. VGA connector location, PCG-R505TL
  2. c2.wav
  3. c3.jpg

  1. d1.jpg
  2. d2.jpg
  3. 1072452636
  4. d4.gif
  5. 0852073607
  6. Grabarek, last & next Tuesday and Thursday, 12-01:00pm. Third issue that could be included.

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