M Puzzle: Lost in a Maze

by Jofish Kaye

  1. see packet. For testsolving, it's some cotton wool in a testube that smells of spearmint.
    laevo-carvone, so left.
  2. see packet. For testsolving, it's a copy of Marxist Worker Weekly.
  3. a3.jpg
    It's a screenshot from the movie 'My Left Foot'
  4. a4.jpg
    An image of Mallard Filmore, from the right-leaning comic strip.
  5. a5.mp3
    The opening 'Yeah' from The Beastie Boys' "Fight for your right [to party]"

  1. b1.jpg
    Map of the Strait of Gibratar
  2. b2.gif
    The absorbtion spectrum of straight-chain butane
  3. I put instant coffee in my microwave oven and almost went back in time.
    A quote from Steven Wright
  4. see packet. For testsolving, it's a sugar-like substance in a plastic bag.
    Dextrose - right
  5. b5.wav
    Opening bars of "Why Don't You Do Right?"
  6. Shadburne documentary about deafness
    Movie by Susan Shadburne about deaf people: "Turn Around"
  7. b7.mov
    The next line is Barf saying "Oh, you're right, and when you're right, you're right, and you, you're always right."

  1. VGA connector, PCG-505TL
    It's on the left. Look, I'm getting a bit desperate here and I don't have an internet connection.
  2. c2.wav
    A quote from "The Right Stuff." The original is Gordo saying "Well Gus, you gotta short memory. I am not one of them hot dog pilots, I am the hot dog man himself."
  3. c3.jpg
    Tom Cruise. He's straight.

  1. d1.jpg
    Image from the video cover of "Straight out of Brooklyn"
  2. d2.jpg
    A picture of Cecil Adams, author of "The Straight Dope"
  3. 1072452636
    The equivelant of; going to http://1072452636 takes you to www.turnaround.com
  4. d4.gif
    The Husky, mascot of Northeastern
  5. 852073607
    ISBN for the book "Turn Around"
  6. Grabarek, last & next Tuesday and Thursday, 12-01:00pm. Third issue that could be included
    This year's IAP Guide. Issues in Public Education Krzysztof Grabarek Tue Jan 14, Thu Jan 16, Tue Jan 21, Thu Jan 23, 12-01:00pm, 4-251. "Topics for the final 3 sessions will be based on the participants' interests, but could include such issues as the voucher debate, charter schools, Bush's No Child Left Behind Act..."

Tracing out the directions, in order, gives the answer SALK.

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