Document 3.3: Cans and Donations Gratefully Accepted

"He was so giving. By the way, do you have any canned foods that you don't need?" the priest asks, gesturing at a large pile of canned goods in the baptistry. "We need them here, especially meats." He sighs. "We go on about charity so much here that many of our parishoners are tired of hearing about it all the time. The appeals are certainly more frequent these days, so I can understand why they just filter them out."

He pauses, looking apologetic. "Then again, over the many years I've been in this parish, there have been a few people who have heeded the call of the apostles, going practically apoplectic in their efforts to raise a few pennies for charitable causes. They get written up occasionally in the local paper."

On a rectangular can you find a slip of paper with the following written on it:

first and second letters
sixth and first letters
twelfth and seventh letters
third and eleventh letters
fifth and second letters
sixth and fourth letters
third and first letters
sixth and second letters
sixth and second letters
eighth and eleventh letters
second and tenth letters
first and third letters
eleventh and second letters
eighth and thirteenth letters
tenth and seventh letters
eighth and sixth letters

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