Document 3.1: Paranoia

One of the sheets of paper has a list of names on it. The boss wrote in the margin, "I'm beginning to suspect some sort of wrongdoing within the corporation, but I can't quite put my finger on who's responsible. This is my short list--but until I'm certain what their plans are, I'm not willing to take them off their projects. Besides, I'm fairly attached to them.

"Certainly it would be a mistake to email them, call them, or confront them in any way at this point. These people are all paranoid, and besides, they almost always lie. You can only trust them when the subject is someone who's after them (no matter how much after them that someone might really be)." Sounds like a rather strange way for people to talk.

Brian Bermack
John Bevilacqua
Chad Brown
Lauren Fahey
LeeAnn Henn
Sabine Iatridou
Dana Ozik
Todd Radford
Eric J. Wilhelm
Lisa Wu

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