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Solution to Just a Dream

The Ministry

by Eric Berlin and Mike Nothnagel

Journal entries describe a dream sequence from a movie... along with a bit from a completely different movie featuring that same actor or actress. Entries are sorted alphabetically by the last name of the actor. Sorting instead by the name of the movie with the dream sequence, then reading down the first letters of the other movie gets the solution MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.

ActorDream Sequence MovieOther MovieClue
AffleckBatman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeReindeer GamesBoy, I sure fight good in my dreams. Maybe due to the mask and cowl, though, I couldn't quite defeat all the black-helmeted soldiers trying to bring me down. Perhaps they were after me because I helped rob a casino, even though I totally didn't want to. Anyway, they tied me up with my arms overhead, and a superhero, or maybe a supervillain, came in and killed me. Yikes!
BridgesBig LebowskiTronCool, a flying dream! I think I was flying over Los Angeles, and it was great, until I realized I was holding a bowling ball. That pulled me down into a gigantic bowling alley, or maybe I was really tiny. After being inside a bowling ball as it rolled a strike, I zipped away on a light cycle. That was cool, too.
CageRaising ArizonaIt Could Happen To YouI dreamed a little something about nearly everybody I knew... there was a baby I happened to know for a while, and also the waitress who got half of my lottery winnings... and I got to see what felt like a glimpse of the future of me and my wife, sitting around a dinner table with all our children and grandchildren, about to enjoy a turkey dinner.
CeraScott Pilgrim vs. the WorldJunoOne moment I'm in the bathroom at my friend's place, the next thing I know I'm in the hallway of my school, and that girl with purple hair (not to be confused with the girl I got pregnant) skated by, and when I woke up she was actually at my front door!
ChaseFletchHot Tub Time MachineI guess only in my dreams would I get to play basketball with the Los Angeles Lakers! And have Kareem Abdul-Jabbar saying how great I am. That was nice of him. I'm going to warn him not to change anything if he ever has a chance to relive the past.
DunstBring It OnUpside DownOh, it's one of those dreams -- the "I'm at school but I'm not wearing any clothes" dream. And of course there's a pep rally with the whole school watching, and of course I am one of the cheerleaders. I was so embarrassed I didn't even want to see the boy I love, who lives on an extremely nearby planet.
FordBlade RunnerIndiana Jones and the Temple of DoomDreamed I was in a forest, watching a white unicorn run around. It was very peaceful, even though I somehow knew that savage cult members were chasing me and would be here any moment.
FoxBright Lights, Big CityLife With MikeyI started off in a nightclub, but then I wandered, dreamlike, away from there, down a hall and past several office doors, but not the one where I had my talent agency for kids. The office I finally entered had been converted to an operating room. On the gurney was a woman in a coma, and when I pulled away the sheet, I found I could have a conversation with her unborn baby. Creeeepy.
HanksSullyRoad to PerditionThe plane I'm piloting loses its engines. While I feel it might be possible to execute a daring, heroic landing, in this case I crash into a building in midtown New York. Maybe I shouldn't have been the pilot in the first place, considering that I seem to be an enforcer for organized crime.
KudrowRomy & Michele's High School ReunionNeighborsIt felt like this dream lasted seventy years, and in all that time I never reconciled with my one-time best friend over a lie we told about how we invented Post-Its, and I never told her how I got to be the dean of a college with at least one rowdy fraternity.
LukeAntwone FisherAlex of VeniceWhat a nice dream! Despite being a property developer in a legal tussle with an ex-lover, I was also, somehow, a child in a wheat field, walking toward a barn, in which was waiting many past generations of my family. We sat down to a big, beautiful feast. My relatives put in front of me the most beautiful stack of pancakes you ever saw!
PryceBrazilNarcopolis Another flying dream! This time I had actual wings -- mechanical ones. Maybe the wings were given to me because I helped that policeman identify that experimental time-traveling drug. Anyway, there was a beautiful woman up here, too, calling to me, but before I could reach her, giant columns of earth rose from the ground, separating me from her.
ReevesMatrixReplicasI was standing by a mirror, thinking about the best way to bring back my deceased family members as clones. I touched the surface of the mirror... and it turned out it wasn't a mirror, exactly, but some sort of sticky silver stuff that swallowed my hand, then my arm, then the rest of me, the stuff pouring straight down my mouth.
RockCB4Top FiveI was sitting in a lounge in the "Hip-Hop Retirement Home," listening to others and feeling like I should leave and prepare for my wedding to a reality TV star.
SchwartzmanRushmoreGolden ExitsAnother school dream. This time I was in a math classroom, reading a newspaper and waiting to go back to Carroll Gardens, where I lived with my wife Jess and worked as a recording studio producer. The teacher was talking about an extra credit problem he wrote on the chalkboard -- but only as a joke, as it was too difficult for anyone to actually solve. But I calmly put down my newspaper and showed them all what I can do, to the great acclamation of my classmates.
SchwarzeneggerJuniorEraserI was lying in a hospital bed in a maternity ward. A beautiful nurse came in holding a baby. (She reminded me a little of a woman whose death I helped fake.) The baby... had my face! Disturbing enough, but he started screaming "Mama! Mama!" more and more urgently. If I'm anything, I'm his dad, right?
StreepPostcards from the EdgeKramer vs KramerUpset about an ongoing child-custody battle, I walk down a hospital corridor, past portraits of Judy Garland, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe... at the end of the corridor is a huge medicine cabinet. I try to put handfuls of pills in my pockets, but I have no pockets.
WeaverAliensMy Salinger YearI dreamed I was in a hospital, talking with... hmm, he wasn't a doctor or a nurse. Some sort of businessman, and I think he was telling me some news from the estate of the author of The Catcher in the Rye. Suddenly I felt a pain in my stomach. Oh my gosh, so much pain! It was like something was in there trying to get out!