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Completing The Story

The exciting story of your adventures through Bookspace may have spontaneously come to exist, but the pages have scattered, and been snapped up by other books. Head out into Bookspace, find these books, and examine the pages caught inside.

Books Found

The books below were discovered hidden in a runaround across all round and puzzle pages.

A beaver's home is reduced to dregs.

A boy completely botches every attempt to make a flying toy.

A cautionary tale about how easily revealing bikini bottoms disintegrate.

A compilation of a tumultuous throng's common queries.

Actor Ribisi hosts an online meeting.

A depiction of a smelly tropical fruit becomes rotten and gross, while the original remains fresh.

A discussion of water levels of particular interest to gondoliers.

A frat for downy ducks is way cool!

A gift of fake chocolate is found under the tree.

A hilarious farce about the careers of Greg Louganis and Chen Ruolin.

A manual on providing pachyderms' parties with food.

An FBI agent investigating the paranormal travels from Paris to Istanbul.

An imprisoned troubadour spills the beans, and yours truly is aware of his reasons.

A punctuation mark is printed in violet.

A schedule of occasions on which one mows grass, plays croquet, works in the garden, etc.

A study of the more than 99 new phobias discovered during the COVID lockdown.

A treatise on the milieu of Madame Tussaud.

A young royal is charged with providing grub.

Degrees of extreme anger are charted in easy-to-read visuals.

Kids have high hopes for their Halloween haul.

Minters develop an apparatus for producing small coins.

Twelve sequestered individuals deal with a lot of noise.

One's soundness of mind is ... fine.

Samuel Adams and others lead a day-to-day existence the details of which are covert.

Someone sleeping is occasionally roused, but really not very often.

Uatu manifests between slices of deli bread.

Books Named

The books below were unlocked as you solved the minipuzzles above.

Warning: The titles of each book below will spoil the minipuzzles above.