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Frequently Asked Questions

Is anything in this FAQ a puzzle?


What do we need to know about these puzzles?

A few things of key importance:

How do I contact the team running the Hunt?

Click on your team name in the upper menu of the Hunt website -- you will find a Contact HQ button in the drop-down menu.

When should I contact the team running the Hunt?

Sometimes a puzzle will ask you to do so. Aside from that, if you spot something in a puzzle that you think is wrong, please let us know. Also if you are having technical problems with the Hunt website. In addition, if you’re not having fun, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do to rectify the situation.

How does unlocking work?

Every time you solve a feeder (non-meta) puzzle, you unlock another puzzle (as long as there are further puzzles to unlock, anyway). If you have solved enough puzzles to unlock a new round, then it will unlock that round and two feeder puzzles in it. Otherwise, it will unlock a puzzle in your current round. If there are no more puzzles in that round to unlock, then it will unlock a puzzle in the earliest unlocked round that still has puzzles left to unlock.

This means a couple things:

Note that the above rules do not apply to metapuzzles. Solving those does other things.

What is Manuscrip?

Manuscrip is earned by participating in the Hunt’s four events--a half a scrip for the first two events, and a full piece of script for each of the second two events. You can trade in a full piece of scrip for a puzzle answer of your choice (no, not for meta puzzles). Simply go to the Rewards Drawer in your top menu bar to use the scrip you have amassed.