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Bad Beginnings

New You City

It was a dark and stormy night...

The children received , a gift left behind by their late parent, which produced energy when consumed; eager to see the said parent again, they embarked on a RPG-like quest to find another such source of energy.

's fate was doomed when he received a surprise visit from a seductive woman who needed his help; no good could come from helping a woman who was supposed to be dead, and who was trying to frame her husband for her own murder.

In colonial New England, after a series of supernatural events that left her parents and siblings dead, a young vvoman spoke to a farm animal and was reborn as a .

A young girl made a hole in a car trunk, which happened to be the perfect place to observe one's surroundings and hold a conversation with a former 9-1-1 operator.

While the country of was embattled by war, a member of the royal family sought help from a therapist, and some ancient stones were disrespected.

A man met up with his lover in Paris and reminisced how she had or had not changed over the years since Vienna, which was wrong because one, he was already married, and two, he was about to miss his flight.

Having taken a fatal dose of , the thoughtful and fast-thinking man made quick preparations surrounding his death, all this for the benefit of his caretaker.

The royal warrior led his men to make a last stand to defend the ancient city of , and fewer than 0.5% survived.

Stranded on the planet of , the lone man had to be resourceful and deal with the many life-threatening problems, such as that of reduced gravity.

A baby was determined to pursue their childhood dream of becoming a cop, against the odds of their familial background and discrimination from their surroundings.

turned a form of entertainment into a fatal trap, where six players had to find the clues and solve the puzzles... or die.

Deep in the woods tried to keep magic for personal gains, until a long due haircut put an end to everything.


A handsome young man traveled from one to another — for each of which the time stood still, trying to save them from invisible monsters called Hollows.

Officer the mob undercover tried to discover the identity of a police undercover, had his own cover uncovered, but then recovered by covering up all the evidence of the other undercover.

A girl with daddy issues found her perfect match in the creepy stalker, but hey, all relationships would look rosy when you're riding in a private jet, and if you're colorblind so grey and rosy are practically indistinguishable.

A murder took place on a moving vehicle, and Detective had little to go on except a handful of misleading clues.

A legend was told of jewelry and gold buried under the , with hidden clues in the Declaration of Independence.

The fates of early computers at NASA unfolded against the backdrop of a rivalry between home country and .

A gastronomically refined young struck out on his own, while his family members continued to enjoy more questionable foods.

A journalist teamed up with a hacker to track down the serial killer and find a missing woman.

A young artist contemplated as a seductive young woman laid before him, wearing nothing but a on her upper body.

A boy and his dog entered the land of the dead because of , who however turned out to be the true villain of the story.

The boy who lived to ultimately overthrow the evil wizard learned of the failure of a financial institution and sought its alternative.

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The protagonists had to act in silence, presumably fearing that they would be heard by the .

A mathematical genius labored to obtain information from the enemy country of , yet the story ended with his tragic death.

Four middle-aged urban women each dealt with their own marriage and relationship problems, including , whose husband had an affair.

Facing the invasion of the alien species, the , Earth trained child prodigies to become military commanders.

A freed slave sought to free his wife with a bounty hunter, killing the wealthy siblings in the process.