In Flag Day Town, denizens understand that physical methods of communication are effective keys to diplomacy.

Please send two team members who are flexible, enjoy physicality, and are comfortable in close spaces with teammates.

At Flag Day Town, team members were paired with another team and stationed opposite each other across the room. The pairs were each given a puzzle worksheet, a list of transmission words, and a key for semaphore code. The task was to non-verbally communicate their words to their compatriots across the room.

In a twist, however, the nations of the world instituted an “arms ban” which meant that teams could not use their arms or hands—they had to do full-body tandem semaphore!

Team-pairs alternated sending and receiving a total of nine transmissions in a random order. After confirming their received messages with Game Control, pairs came together to figure out how to utilize the transmissions. Below are the worksheets and received transmissions for each side of the team-pairs.

Once team-pairs solved the puzzle and confirmed with Game Control, they received a physical object to take back to their HQ. Teams were also awarded 20 drops of solvent for completing the event.

The team on the left side of the room was handed the following worksheet
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and received the following codes:


The team on the right side of the room was handed this following worksheet
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and received the following codes: