The 2019 MIT Mystery Hunt was created by Setec Astronomy in the Towns of Alhambra, Arlington, Atlanta, Aurora, Baltimore, Boston, Boulder, Bridgewater, Cambridge, Catonsville, Columbia, Concord, Dedham, Houston, Los Angeles, Maffra, Manchester, Marietta, Medford, New York, Newton, North Attleboro, Oxford, Palo Alto, Portland, Redmond, Renton, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Shaker Heights, Snohomish, Somerville, St. Paul, Toronto, and Yonkers.

Setec Astronomy thanks the many, many people who helped make this Hunt possible:

Logistics, production, and support
  • Allan Sadun and everyone with the Mystery Hunt student group for all their help getting this off the ground.
  • Ethan Feuer, Sarah Bouchard, and everyone at the Student Activities Office for help with logistics and developing our minors policies.
  • Judith Zinker, Joe Coen, and everyone at Institute Events for the use of the Bush Room and logistics.
  • Kara Cunningham and everyone at the Schedules Office for help getting many, many headquarters rooms for all our teams.
  • The Departments of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and Urban Studies and Planning for allowing us to borrow additional headquarters rooms.
  • Claudette Palmer, Ryan McGillicuddy, and everyone at the Campus Activities Complex for event spaces and logistics.
  • Maria Caetano, Donna Fucillo, Luke Mukononbera, and the entire Facilities staff for helping us with parking, logistics, and keeping MIT clean all weekend.
  • Steve Morris and everyone at IS&T for help with AD HOC headquarters phones and technical support.
  • Katie Blass, David Barber, Dorraine DeLeon, Greg Baker, David Sacco, and everyone at Environmental Health & Safety, Emergency Management, MIT Medical, and the Campus Police, for help keeping Hunt a safe and healthy weekend for everyone.
  • Michelle Salgueiro, Quentin Smith, and everyone at MIT Audio Visual and Student Cable for help making sure we could be seen and heard at kickoff.
  • Bonnie Bertolaet, Cristina Ullmann, and everyone at the Science Club for Girls for working with us to create a memorable experience for their members and our Hunters.
  • Lori Tsuruda and everyone at People Making a Difference for helping us find ways to give back to the community.
  • Victoria Coren Mitchell, Hugh Trimble, Andrew Hunter Murray, the QI Elves, Kitten Academy, Grandmaster Puzzles, Joshua Kosman, Henri Picciotto, Chee Pearlman, Crawford Hunt, Elise Haadsma, Mark Linga, Lisa DeLong, Isis Jacobson, Sarah Demb, Gunther Anderson, Mike Sprague, Richard Bagby, Rosalie and David Berk, Github user @chinhodado, and everyone at The Nation, The Tech, TED, Advanced Print & Finishing, and the List Visual Arts Center for help making puzzles happen.
  • Jennifer Chung, Jason Deakins, Brian Perrin, Richard Rowan, and Daniel Weise for help with test-solving.
  • Dom Civiello for our amazing map and town illustrations.
  • Jessy Tang for molasses art for the coin.
  • E. Rosser for physical production and advice.
  • Jennifer Rose and everyone at Ad‑Mark Promotional Products for production help.
  • Dunkin’ for most of our donuts, including the special order of cinnamon donuts, and Union Square Donuts for the red-velvet donuts.
  • Katie Carmine, Katie Nee, Kasey Quinn, Carolyn Sans, Ruben Inoa, and everyone at the Marriott Boston Cambridge; Francisco Martinez, Kristen Tusini, and everyone at the Le Méridien Boston Cambridge; Sarah Comfort, Carolyn Hardy, and everyone at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge; Brenda Anderson and everyone at the Kendall Hotel; and Bea Flammia, Katie Mathews, Shirley Yuen, and everyone at the Royal Sonesta Boston for help finding places for everyone to stay and helping us out when inclement weather disrupted many Hunters’ travel plans.
  • Hybrid Document Systems for pro bono production of the microfilm used in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day community service event.
Sponsors and partners
  • The MIT Alumni Association, Large Event Fund, and Finboard.
  • Spotify.
  • Goldman Sachs.
  • SPH Analytics.
  • Lone Shark Games.
  • The Benevity Community Impact Fund, the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, the Google Foundation, the LinkedIn Matching Gifts Program, Microsoft Corporation, the Slack for Nonprofits program, and more than 50 individual donors for individual and matching donations and contributions.

. . . and all of our friends, families, students, colleagues, and others for their support during the writing process.

Setec Astronomy is Albert Lin, Alex Rosenthal, Alina Bucur, Amanda O’Connor, Andrew Marc Greene, Andy Boroson, Avram Gottschlich, Benjamin Monreal, Berit Johnson, Beth Coffin-LeBeau, Brian Cripe, Brian Schoner, Brian Tivol, Brooks Willis, Chad Brown, Chris Cieslik, Christopher Morse, Colin Tivol, Connor Stokes, Cory Hixson, Dan Katz, David Savitt, David Tuller, Emma Meersman, Fergus Heywood, Gail West, Greg Edelston, Greg Pliska, Guy Jacobson, Jackie Anderson, Jeff Roberts, Jeffrey Atkinson, Jennifer Berk, Jennifer Braun, Jesse Gelles, John McLaren, Josh Oratz, Joy Ma, Julia Tenney, Julia Urquhart, Justin Werfel, Kevin O’Toole, Kiefer Hicks, Kiran Kedlaya, Marc Sweetgall, Marcy Tivol, Margot Pliska, Marisa Debowsky, Marta Herschkopf, Mary Linton Peters, Matt Gruskin, Matt McGann, Matto Mildenberger, Mauri Rosenthal, Mike Walsh, Nancy Taubenslag, Philip Z Loh, Rebecca Vessenes, Roger Ford, Sami Casanova, Sandy Walsh, Sarah Bagby, Sarah Rosenthal, Scott Purdy, Sean Molley, Stacy O’Connor, Steeeeeve Peters, Steve Cook, Tanis O’Connor, TK Focht, Todd McClary, Tom Buehler, Tom Lamar, Tom Walsh, Trip Payne, Vera Tobin, and Violet Tivol.

The 2019 MIT Mystery Hunt is copyright 2019 by Setec Astronomy, all rights reserved. Individual puzzles and contributions are copyright by their respective authors. For information or questions about the 2019 Hunt, please email