by John McLaren, Jesse Gelles, Nancy Taubenslag, and Greg Pliska

Each worksheet lists several instructions of how to identify pairs from the countries in the maps. The received transmissions each complete an instruction and reveal the particular mechanic shared by only two countries.

The organization of the country maps and the act of identifying country-pairs suggest that these instructions will form new semaphore patterns. The origin point in the center of the map clues solvers to draw lines between pairs through the center and also confirms that page-orientation is the manner to interpret each semaphore pattern. As an example, the semaphore pattern made by Kazakhstan and Panama translates to the letter S.

Since teams send transmissions in a randomized order, solvers need an ordering mechanism for their nine final semaphore letters. When each transmission word is placed in an instruction, the first letter is emphasized by both a double underline and by the alignment of the instructions.

The transmission words have consecutive initials from A to I. Additionally, the instructions are in this order on the worksheets, albeit alternating between each side’s sheet. Ordering the nine semaphore letters in this manner spells the answer, SIGNALIST.

Left worksheet
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Right worksheet
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