by Brian Tivol
Answer: GO MAN GO
Problem: Holi Town/​Pi Day Town

First, print and assemble the 24 wedges from the PDF to make a big circle. It should look like this:

Second, make sense of that spiral of circular patterns. There’s a children’s book theme, and some green, and some pink, and some yellow ovals against a white background. There are 50 varieties of circles (two colors, five levels of white, five yellow oval positions), and about 800 all told in the spiral. Yep, it’s as bad as you feared, it’s a word-cryptogram of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss.

Beginning in the center and winding outward and clockwise, each symbol represents one of the fifty vocabulary words in the book. Here’s the decoder:

And here’s the labelled spiral:

Third, work with the little graphics that aren’t those fifty ideograms. There are some black wedges in the center of the image, along with six graphics in the spiral that don’t look like the other fifty ideograms. They look like this:

Six ideograms from the book are missing, replaced with these six placeholders. Write the missing English word in the little wedges, in the direction of the chevrons. Here they are with a splash of color, which will become useful in the description for the next step:

The black wedges in the center of the image are the same size, forming the same size circle. Just as you assembled the large set of 24 wedges into a large circle, you must now assemble these tiny 24 wedges into a tiny circle. There is only one way to line up all the tiny wedges, preserving their spacing and orientation, to form a circle with no gaps or overlaps, and that design matches the black wedges at the center.

Read these letters around, starting on the same wedge that begins the spiral reading of Green Eggs and Ham, and going in the same direction. Like it says, “The answer is GO MAN GO.”