As a pie competition is occurring in Pi Day Town, the Holi Townsfolk barge in and throw some questionable colors all over the food! The intruders are deceived by the appearance of their slices, but the Pi Day Townsfolk know to judge both the slices and pies on their true flavor. What can Holi Town offer Pi Day Town to improve their experience?

Judges’ Results

  • Strawberry Cream Pie—1st
  • Banana Cream Pie—2nd
  • Chocolate Cream Pie—3rd
  • Pistachio Pie—4th
  • Blueberry Pie—5th
  • Pumpkin Pie—6th
To solve this problem, you will need to use some of the answers from Holi Town and some of the answers from Pi Day Town. No answer is used in solving more than one problem.