by Stephen Peters
Problem: Thanksgiving Town/​New Year’s Town

The “Primi” part of the menu is a series of “anguished” soundalikes for Italian phrases. The “prices” indicate both the number of words and the number of letters in the Italian phrase. Once those phrases are determined, some elementary Googling will show they are actually names of “spaghetti westerns,” Italian-made films about cowboys in the American West.

Each film has an English title as well, and each of those titles matches one of the dishes in the “Secondi” section of the menu in terms of word lengths. When those menu items are matched up with the English titles, they share some letters in common.

Those letters (in the order of the “Secondi” section) spell out Una pistola per cento bare, which is the Italian name for another spaghetti western. The answer is the English title, or PISTOL FOR A HUNDRED COFFINS.

Anguished Phrase Italian Title English Title Dish Letters
Tea era brew tall Tierra brutal Savage Guns coated tUNa UN
Ye woe meanied al pass so pay santay Gli uomini dal passo pesante The Tramplers eel shArPener AP
Eeb and ol’ arrows dell lad odie chess zima aura I bandoleros della dodicesima ora Now They Call Him Sacramento emu meat with pIg SubstituTe IST
Kwel asp orcas tory Anelle waste Quella sporca storia nel West Johnny Hamlet cOugar eyeLid OL
Douay on sadie pea ombo 2 once di piombo My Name is Pecos ox tAil on PEach APE
Lol lune guck hovel cot Adele oven debt ah La lunga cavalcata della vendetta Deadly Trackers alpaca bRoCcoli RC
V. v. o. pray ferry bill meant, eh Morty Vivi o, preferibilmente, morti Sundance and the Kid absinthE gNu Tea set ENT
Quell mal a debt oh jor node l. r. a. sahday eek on tea Quel maledetto giorno della resa dei conti Terrible Day of the Big Gundown blanched cow On new Bay scallop OB
Oon dole are oat rayee denty Un dollaro tra i denti A Stranger in Town A puRebrEd ex frog ARE