by Jeff Marman and TK Focht
Problem: New Year’s Town/​Patriots’ Day Town

The account of selling, closing on, or otherwise working with a number of real estate properties across the country describes each with a single adjective: charming, heavenly, exciting, etc. The first letters of these adjectives, in the order in which they appear, spell the message CHECK THE TECH. The agent placed ads on Thursday, and the Thursday, January 17 edition of The Tech contained this set of ads.

Each of these ads describes a property from a television show. Solvers must identify each and also identify it with a location from the agent’s travel, which provides both an ordering and a set of adjustments to the prices. Once the prices are adjusted, the non-zero digits can be used to index into the titles of the shows.

AdjectiveList PriceShowLocationAdjustmentAdj PriceExtraction
charming$100I Love LucyManhattan, NY-6.3%$93.70YOU
heavenly$2250000FrasierSeattle, WA+$350000$2600000RE
exciting$75000MoonlightingLos Angeles, CA-$2353$72647GOING
classic$7500The WaltonsJefferson Co., VA+4.8%$7860TOL
knockout$60000The Dick Van Dyke ShowNew Rochelle, NY-4.5%$57300IKE
historic$60The Mary Tyler Moore ShowMinneapolis, MN-3.5%$57.90AYY
elegant$6000000Full HouseSan Francisco, CA+$236000$6236000OULO
tasteful$31000South ParkSouth Park, CO-$2000$29000OK
enchanting$600The Big Bang TheoryPasadena, CA-10%$540IB
cute$500000Family GuyQuahog, RI+4%$520000LA
handsome$300000King of the HillArlen, TX+$12700$312700NKIT

The extracted phrase YOU’RE GOING TO LIKE THE WAY YOU LOOK I BLANK IT is from a different sort of house, Men’s Wearhouse, and the missing word is the puzzle’s answer, GUARANTEE.