When one Patriots’ Day Town resident hears “The British are coming!” he hopes they’re on their way to look at his open house.

I only placed my ads on Thursday, but sometimes the market moves quickly, and now all of the listed properties are taken! The first was a charming property in Manhattan, although we agreed at 6.3% below asking. After that, I flew to Seattle to close on a heavenly property that went for $350,000 above list. I hit up another corner of the country with an exciting property in Los Angeles where we settled $2,353 below the advertised price. Following this, a classic property in Virginia went for 4.8% above the asking price. I finalized a knockout property in Westchester County at 4.5% below listing, then drove north-northeast to settle a timeless property, albeit for $770 less than I had hoped. I flew to Minnesota for a historic property, though I had to drop the price 3.5% to convince the other party. I made up for it with an elegant property in the Bay Area that went for $236,000 more than advertised. After I stopped in Colorado to finish the paperwork on a tasteful property that went for $2,000 below asking, I returned to southern California to sign off on an enchanting property that got picked up when I dropped 10% from the price. I returned to New England to work on a cute property where we closed at 4% over the asking price. Finally, I finished my to-do list with a handsome property in Texas, where we agreed to $12,700 more than the list price.