by Jeff Roberts
Problem: Valentine’s Day Town/​Arbor Day Town

This puzzle is an homage to the song “Semicolon” by The Lonely Island.

In this version, every other line clues a punctuation mark or symbol, and the preceding line clues something that rhymes with it.

Taking the letters clued by the enumeration spells RAP ABOUT ELLIPSES, which is the instruction teams must follow.

We’ll get you itching for a good time;RASHR
Off the blocks like Usain Bolt;DASH 
If you think you can endure;BEAR ITA
Go ahead and jump right in the middle;CARET 
We’ll show you all the best spots;PLACESP
Set you straight like an orthodontist;BRACES 
If you leave we’ll let you back in;STAMP YOUR HANDA
You know we put it all together;AMPERSAND 
Making trades when the market’s hot;BULL SWAPB
Until they slam the brakes on;FULL STOP 
The rich just think we’re nobodies;NONENTITIESO
Nothing more than an afterthought;PARENTHESES 
They cut our legs off at the knees;AMPUTATION JOINTU
But we’re going out with a bang;EXCLAMATION POINT 
We spit acid like sour milk;LACTICT
Like a parasite from behind;BACKTICK 
Make off with all the hot goods;STOLENE
Clean them out like an enema;COLON 
We’ll sell it at the booty shop;PLUNDER STOREL
Draw everyone’s attention to it;UNDERSCORE 
Flood’s coming, get your boats ready;FLOTATION ARKSL
You can tell them it was me that said it;QUOTATION MARKS 
Let’s empty out the gas tank;SIPHONI
Break it off to end their line;HYPHEN 
We climb up like marsupials;OPOSSUM TREEP
Shout out to our dead homies;APOSTROPHE 
Turn the RPMs up on that record;FASTER DISCS
Our success is unqualified;ASTERISK 
See our record covers everywhere;JACKETSE
Mount a trophy shelf on the wall;BRACKETS 
We’re saying it with emphasis;STRESSED REMARKS
Curvy line and a freaking dot;QUESTION MARK 

After submitting their rap, teams receive a link to an audio file which is itself a ripoff of another Lonely Island song (specifically, Spell It Out).

Using a fixed-width font, typing the rapped-out symbols makes the following image (with credit to

         _`>   `\.-'<
      _.'     _     '._
    .'   _.='   '=._   '.
    >_   / /_\ /_\ \   _<
      / (  \o/\\o/  ) \
      >._\ .-,_)-. /_.<
          /__/ \__\

This image, and the “Full name, yo” comment at the end of the rap confirm that the answer is ALBERT EINSTEIN.