Uncoupled Valentine’s Day Townspeople get lonely. Like they’re on an island.
We’ll get you itching for a good time;                
Off the blocks like Usain Bolt;                
If you think you can endure;                
Go ahead and jump right in the middle;                
We’ll show you all the best spots;                
Set you straight like an orthodontist;                
If you leave we’ll let you back in;                
You know we put it all together;                
Making trades when the market’s hot;                
Until they slam the brakes on;                
The rich just think we’re nobodies;                
Nothing more than an afterthought;                
They cut our legs off at the knees;                
But we’re going out with a bang;                
We spit acid like sour milk;                
Like a parasite from behind;                
Make off with all the hot goods;                
Clean them out like an enema;                
We’ll sell it at the booty shop;                
Draw everyone’s attention to it;                
Flood’s coming, get your boats ready;                
You can tell them it was me that said it;                
Let’s empty out the gas tank;                
Break it off to end their line;                
We climb up like marsupials;                
Shout out to our dead homies;                
Turn the RPMs up on that record;                
Our success is unqualified;                
See our record covers everywhere;                
Mount a trophy shelf on the wall;                
We’re saying it with emphasis;                
Curvy line and a freaking dot;