“Yeah, this place used to be called Washington’s Birthday Town,” the melon farmer tells you. “People just started using different words for some reason.”
“What kind of flight are we on that takes five days, anyway? And I don’t know about you, but I actually think that matchup would be kind of cool to watch . . . I don’t know who’d win that one. As long as they’re not coming for us, they can go after each other all they want, that’s what I say.”
                               1 -                        -    -         !
“Well, sure, I’m ready to leave anyway, but, uh . . . I have to admit, I’m not understanding that comparison. I’m a fixture at the tavern? And also wacky somehow?”
              ,     ,            2 .
“We’re . . . uh . . . not in Europe. Or the mountains. And there’s nobody else here. I really don’t see how you’re using any of that to justify wrecking that car.”
                                                        2 ?
“Do you mean separately or together? I’m sure we all smell a bit at this point, but I question whether we’d all fit in there at once, and it seems highly inappropriate even if we could.”
    ,     !            3           !
“That’s certainly not true literally, and I don’t understand the connotation if it’s figurative. Could you be more specific? Am I tuna, lentil, broccoli and cheese . . .?”
                              2 !
“That might not be such a bad gig, actually. I mean, sure, he’s a brutal dictator and all, but he’s surely got plenty of vehicles that need the attention, so you’d probably have some job security.”
                                         4 .
“Why are you suddenly suggesting we meet up with some low-level soldiers? That hardly seems like a substitute for grabbing the fast food we’ve been craving.”
              ,                      3 .
“Actually, that comes from the Afrikaans for ’earth pig’. And no, I’m not.”
              ,                 1 !
“Sure, being exhibitionistic in the middle of the football field sounds fun and all, but I’m confused. Is that some sort of X-rated VeggieTales thing?”
                               4                      -          !
“You don’t resemble the explorer, assuming that’s who you meant to say. And if you meant the detective, that’s not his first name, and no, you don’t resemble him either.”
    ,                         ,  4      ?
“Given the question I just asked you, that hardly seems like an appropriate writing surface. And my showing affection to it beforehand doesn’t change that fact.”
                1                     !
“Just one hit that you learned in the dojo and it was done? Would you even go so far as to describe it as illin’ or rad?”
                          1           .
“I’m sorry that I suggested that I don’t remember you, or the woman who bore you, but I’m pretty sure you do remember me, despite your apparent anger.”
         ?          ,            5 !
“I’m glad you’re excited, but that’s not my name. Do I look Maltese to you?”
    -    -    ,       3 !
“Thank you for the clarification on how it’s getting through the vents. And yes, I admit that I do enjoy tossing clay pots around for fun, but I’m not sure I heard that last word correctly. I’m something that got jostled while being vomited? Or are you trying to remember the last name of the star of Sherlock?”
                                  -         ,       5 -         !
                                                                                       (4 4)