Mission Objectives
Prepare for Search and Rescue

Terry Hunter was hoping to take a break from her thesis this weekend and enjoy the MIT Mystery Hunt, but disaster struck when this year’s theme was revealed: Health & Safety. While Fear loved the concept, Anger’s negative reaction was… disproportionate. The ensuing conflict critically damaged memories stored in the Control Room, triggered an evacuation of all Core Memories to their failsafe Island Storage Systems and, even more distressingly, resulted in every emotion going missing!

Buzzy, from the esteemed Cranium Command, volunteered to pilot Terry while you find the emotions and bring them back to the Control Room.

You and your fellow mind workers began a search & rescue mission to find the emotions and get Terry’s brain back in tip-top condition. Now, where do you think you are? Disney World? Let’s move, move, move!

Rescue the Emotions

The catastrophe in the Control Room left all five Emotions locked out, and a bunch of their favorite memories damaged! Following Buzzy’s advice to fix the damaged memories, you managed to rescue all five emotions.

  • Joy futilely chased after Fear and Anger, then couldn’t get back into the Control Room. You told her to BEAM UP and now she’s happily home. When she visited, she happily gave you the flashlight she used!
  • Sadness slouched out of the Control Room just as the doors closed. She tried climbing in through the infrastructure plumbing, but you told her simply to TEAR DUCT. With a tear in her eye (and on the floor, and everywhere else), she gave you her blueprints when she visited.
  • Fear was chased out of the Control Room by Anger. Your pep talk convinced him to BOLDLY GO back to the Control Room. When he visited, he gave you his special surrendering flag, telling you he’s never going to need it again! I’d hold onto it… just in case.
  • Disgust walked out of the Control Room in embarrassment over her colleagues’ behavior. You told her to RAPPEL to the windows, which worked, though her climbing gear was super-gross. When she visited, she dumped her dirty climbing rope on the first mind worker she saw.
  • Anger chased Fear out of the Control Room. Fortunately, the door proved no match for him once you told him to PICK A FIGHT WITH LOCK. During his visit, he threw away his useless Control Room key.

Unfortunately, when the emotions returned to the Control Room, they went right back to bickering. Buzzy recalled that each Emotion brought you a gift and thought they may be useful in teaching the emotions to work together again. He ordered you to enter the Brainstorm, where you were able to use your gifts, and one little spark of imagination, to formulate an idea.

With your help, Buzzy was able to use it to teach the Emotions to put aside their differences and work together!

Recover the Core Memories

The catastrophe in the Control Room shrouded the Islands of Personality in a thick layer of brain fog. Buzzy explained that the islands are the key to locating the missing Core Memories, but can’t be reached without first blowing away the fog. He has fans that can do that, but each needs brainpower to operate.

Unfortunately, Buzzy couldn’t remember what the islands were like before the fog rolled in, so he had Abstract Thought analyze them through the haze. You can use this information to decide the order in which you would like to visit the islands.

  • The shiny island appears segmented into collections, but much of the island is cumulative. This island is in a state of constant change that is best appreciated on site.

    Beneath the thinning brain fog, you spotted… some kind of turtle, maybe? You thought it was cute, but it immediately attacked you. On Pokémon Island , you had to be the very best, so you caught them all, defeated your rival, and recovered the Pokémon Core Memory DISGUISED AS VOLTORB.

  • The byzantine island stretches in all directions. The lone mystery at its heart is deeper than it appears. Visitors to this island may have to settle.

    As it cleared the island, the brain fog revealed an immense twenty-sided die. On Games Island , you confronted the robber of Catan and recovered the Games Core Memory IN A FORBIDDEN DESERT.

  • The dark island is an interconnected and overlapping web that must be explored by following its many connections. There’s a lot of space in this island.

    As the brain fog cleared you saw… nothing. Just space. Travelling through the universes of Sci-Fi Island led to a very close encounter with the Borg, but you recovered the Sci-Fi Core Memory IN FLUX.

  • The secret island is classical and hierarchal. Each phase is independent, but leads to the next, building to something great. This island is unique to this place and time, and demands real physical presence (on campus).

    As the fan blew the last wisps of brain fog away, the unmistakable MIT skyline faded into view. Punting and tooling your way through Hacking Island led to you to catch the wayward Hacking Core Memory ON A CALTECH CANNONBALL RUN.

You recovered all of the core memories and saved all the Islands of Personality! With the islands finally restored, you don’t need to collect any more brainpower.

Recover the Pokémon Core Memory

On Pokémon Island, the mind workers are just obsessed with those little pocket monsters. And it seems they've been expecting you. These mind workers have tasked you with capturing wild pokémon, defeating the island's trainers, and challenging your rival (you have a rival?) for the title of Pokémon Master. Looks like you're going to have to play along if you want to find that memory orb.

  • Seeing how well you promoted yourself, The Advertiser challenged you, but BLACK MAGIC was very effective against her lineup and you defeated her.

  • Having identified you as an excellent prospect, The Scouts challenged you, but all you had to do to defeat them was BE MEAN

  • Annoyed that you defy classification, The Taxonomist challenged you, but it wasn’t hard to TAKE OUT his lineup.

Your Rival finally revealed himself and issued a challenge, but you disposed of him just as easily as his underlings. As the newest master of Pokémon Island, you didn’t have long to revel in your victory once you realized the core memory was DISGUISED AS VOLTORB.

In a shocking twist, you recovered the Pokémon Core Memory and returned it to the Control Room, saving Pokémon Island!

Recover the Games Core Memory

On Games Island, mind workers are always on the lookout for new strategies. For instance, how should we explore this continent? Mind workers here have been trying to connect the island's diverse landscapes with a series of roads, but a mysterious entity at the heart of the island has made matters difficult.

You reached The Desert at the heart of the island. Claiming it completed your INTERCOASTAL EMPIRE.

The Robber appeared, but you quickly defeated him. In the process, you discovered that the core memory was IN A FORBIDDEN DESERT.

After making a worthy offering to the desert gods, you recovered the Games Core Memory! Buzzy’s mind workers were able to use an ancient flying machine to return it to the Control Room, saving Games Island!

Recover the Sci-Fi Core Memory

On Sci-Fi Island, mind workers are constantly writing new fanfic for their favorite science fiction properties. This one’s about the Enterprise facing down the Borg Cube! How are they going to get out of this one? You joined them to find out and landed in a strange branching utility tunnel. In one direction of the landing site is some kind of substation. In the other directions are blast doors. To learn anything useful to the Enterprise, you’ll have to find a way through the locked blast doors and get these substations online.

  • Substation 1: Naquadah Generator
    Generators like this one power entire city-ships. This one couldn’t power anything at all, but once you figured out the INTERFACE, the substation sprang to life and opened a path forward.
  • Substation 2: Laratel WF-15 Fusion Reactor
    A fusion reactor like this one is the lifeblood of a starfreighter like the Nostromo. Repairing it gave the crew a chance, as the EMANATIONS from their distress signal might be heard in time. It also revealed the tunnel ahead.
  • Substation 3: Blue Sun 6V4-178-B31 Trace Compression Block
    With the love of a good mechanic, the trace compression block on an old Firefly can be with you ’til the day you die. Repairing Serenity’s got her back in the sky and gave her crew a chance at a REAL LIFE. And with this substation powered up, you can keep flying as well.
  • Substation 4: Novaldex 04-Z Cryogenic Power Generator
    The cryogenic generator at the heart of an X-wing fighter powers everything from the life support to the navigation. With his generator back online, Luke found his bearings along the Death Star’s MERIDIAN trench. His story doesn’t end here and, with this substation powered up, neither does yours.
  • Substation 5: Voltaik Bio-Electric Cell
    For today’s augmented human on the go, bio-electric cells are vital for a quick recharge. Getting the cell back in working order paved the way for the next step in human EVOLUTION. It’s in our nature to rise above our limits, just as it’s in your nature to continue your journey.
  • Substation 6: AllSpark
    The AllSpark begat Cybertron and, with it, the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. With it repaired, Megatron was again reminded never to underestimate PRIME FACTORS. Now that this substation is powered up, it’s time to roll out.

Thanks to you, the Starship Enterprise has begun to fight back against the Borg menace. As the Electro-Plasma System charged, you noticed the missing core memory IN FLUX.

Before the Sci-Fi Core Memory could be lost in the space-time continuum, you recovered it, saving Sci-Fi Island!

Recover the Hacking Core Memory

On Hacking Island, mind workers are constantly planning every stage of the perfect hack. In your search for the hacking core memory, you decided to join them in the execution of one.

Planning a hack is like shopping for real estate: it’s all about location, location, location. The tunnels beneath campus provide a great way to Scout the campus, and reaching out of the way places is even easier with your new EXOSKELETON. You also came across a strange set of instructions that led to a page of plans.

The workshop has all the tools you need to Build your hack, but the work went faster once you made an BIOFUEL TORCH to fasten parts with no need for nuts and bolts. You also came across a strange set of instructions that led to a page of plans.

It’s always tricky to Deploy a hack. This staging area is good for preparing without getting caught, and your new BACKUP PLAN is foolproof. You also came across a strange set of instructions that led to a page of plans.

Even with your hack deployed, the hard part was still ahead - you still had to Flee the roof without getting caught, but you made it back to the ground with surprising spryness. On the way down you spotted the core memory ON A CALTECH CANNONBALL RUN!

After a high speed chase, you caught up with the Hacking Core Memory and returned it to its rightful place on the pedestal, saving Hacking Island!

Finish the 2018 Health & Safety Hunt

Thanks to you, everything is back to normal in the Control Room: the memories are repaired, the core memories are back on their pedestal, and most importantly the emotions are all home. With Fear leading the other emotions, Terry’s team might have a shot at winning the 2018 MIT Health and Safety Hunt!

After solving the final meta, Fear just wanted to go to bed. The other emotions were able to hot-wire the console to wake Terry up, but piloting Terry manually proved tricky to say the least. Fortunately, you saved the day one last time, completing the Mystery Hunt and forming a brand new core memory!

This headhunt is at an end, but you’ve proven yourself a worthy member of the Cranium Command!

Complete Fear's Training Events

Before he was chased out of the Control Room, Fear scheduled a series of training events to better prepare you and the other mind workers for the trials of the Health & Safety Hunt. He promised they’ll be engaging, educational, and fun. He also promised they’ll be mandatory.

  • Care and Feeding of Your Mystery Hunt Team
    Lobdell Dining Hall, Friday 1900 hours
    Healthy eating habits are always important, especially during times of stress. You learned all about proper nutrition and earned some Buzzy Bucks!
  • Effective Resource Management in High Stress Situations
    La Sala de Puerto Rico, Friday 2200 hours
    When faced with a stressful situation, you’ve got to know how to think fast as the clock counts down. You learned how to manage time on a deadline and earned some Buzzy Bucks!
  • Covering Your Ass With Caution Tape
    Lobdell Dining Hall, Saturday 0900 hours
    Caution tape is how the world says “danger,” but it can say so much more. You learned the versatility of caution tape and earned some Buzzy Bucks!
  • Stretching and Calisthenics
    La Sala de Puerto Rico, Saturday 1400 hours
    Reach up! And down! And up! And down! You learned to channel your inner rubber balloon and earned some Buzzy Bucks!
  • Communication and Cooperation for Proper Teamwork
    Lobdell (NOTE: Changed from The Green Building Dot), Saturday 1900 hours
    We need to unite to find order within a mayhem-filled world. You learned the value of teamwork and earned some Buzzy Bucks!

To keep things interesting, Buzzy is offering Buzzy Bucks for participating in training, which you can spend on all sorts of great prizes:

20,000 Buzzy Bucks Buzzy will call in a favor with Critical Thinking, who will answer any yes/no question you have about something that is puzzling you (as long as it’s not too meta).
100,000 Buzzy Bucks Buzzy will call in a big favor with Critical Thinking, who will provide the solution to something that is puzzling you (as long as it’s not too meta).

You have 0 Buzzy Bucks.