By Wesley Graybill and Nicole Berdy
Answer: CLEAN UP
Lobdell Dining Hall, Friday 1900 hours

Healthy eating habits are always important, especially during times of stress. Send two recruits without food allergies to learn all about proper nutrition. Please bring along an ingredient from each food group.

To keep safe from slipping in the kitchen, Fear recommends that you…

When teams arrived at Lobdell Dining Hall, they were asked to prepare dishes for a five-judge panel. Each judge had a different, secret requirement for the dish:

  1. Dish must be described with at least three different adjectives
  2. Dish must contain at least three ROYGBIV colors
  3. Dish must have something of liquid consistency
  4. Dish must have at least three n-gons (triangle, square, etc.) on the plate
  5. Dish must have a garnish

When teams provided a dish that satisfied at least four out of five judges, they were provided with the following napkin:

The solution, CLEAN UP, was written on it.