By Wesley Graybill and Nicole Berdy
Lobdell Dining Hall, Saturday 0900 hours

Caution tape is how the world says “danger,” but it can say so much more. Send two recruits with an eye for style to show how they express themselves. Bring along a pair of scissors.

Remember, when securing your surroundings, Fear suggests that you…

When teams arrived at Lobdell Dining Hall, they were presented with a combined 48,000 feet of caution tape and 11,000 feet of packing tape. Teams were given a randomized style, era, and adjective (e.g. formalwear, 80’s, funky) and instructed to create an outfit meeting those parameters. After the teams had completed their outfits, they presented them to the room.

As teams were leaving the event, they were given the solution, MEASURE TWICE CUT ONCE.