One who doesn't say "thank you"                
Rental company that's hard to find         
Wagon that attracts things           
Lament from "On the Waterfront"               
Fishing holiday          
Poem about one's foibles          
Warning when you're almost out of gas             
Why everyone hears when spring ends              
Between SDTV and HDTV            
Why thinkers become accountants              
Italian gaming convention          
Druopta Efekta, e.g.              
Where the cause of some teenage grief lies               
Former place of worship           
Crucial course material                
Like fans of U2 concerts               
A really, really long commercial break            
Two, three, or five on a die           
Opposite of a lax tenon            
How one sits            
Like an unfinished clock tower           
Al Qaeda's legal team, e.g.           
Result of starting a sit-up regimen         
What non-amateurs get paid        
Solution to: x2 + cos2(0) = 1          
To pursue a non-specific lawsuit           
The result of further radiological dumping                
"The Pony Express began in April 1860," e.g.