Solution to Timbales

by Ricky Liu

Each clue is a Latin phrase as it might be interpreted by someone who doesn't really know any Latin.

One who doesn't say "thank you" PERSONANONGRATA
Rental company that's hard to find RARAAVIS
Wagon that attracts things MAGNACARTA
Lament from "On the Waterfront" NOLOCONTENDERE
Fishing holiday CARPEDIEM
Poem about one's foibles VICEVERSA
Warning when you're almost out of gas CAVEATEMPTOR
Why everyone hears when spring ends SUMMACUMLAUDE
Why thinkers become accountants COGITOERGOSUM
Italian gaming convention PAXROMANA
Druopta Efekta, e.g. CAMERAOBSCURA
Where the cause of some teenage grief lies INLOCOPARENTIS
Former place of worship EXCATHEDRA
Crucial course material CURRICULUMVITAE
Like fans of U2 concerts PROBONOPUBLICO
A really, really long commercial break ADINFINITUM
Two, three, or five on a die PRIMAFACIE
Opposite of a lax tenon RIGORMORTIS
How one sits APOSTERIORI
Like an unfinished clock tower ANTEBELLUM
Al Qaeda's legal team, e.g. TERRAFIRMA
Result of starting a sit-up regimen ABINITIO
What non-amateurs get paid PRORATA
Solution to: x2 + cos2(0) = 1SINEQUANON
To pursue a non-specific lawsuit SUIGENERIS
The result of further radiological dumping MUTATISMUTANDIS
"The Pony Express began in April 1860," e.g. EXPOSTFACTO

The indicated blanks in order spell NICODEMUS GOSPEL ON CORE FITNESS. The Gospel of Nicodemus does not contain anything about the Pilates fitness system, but it does contain a text known as the ACTA PILATI, which is the answer.