(Meta-puzzle solution)

Level 6

Sunday the boss went to the library. "I do recall him," says one librarian. "He was looking for a copy of David Copperfield. 'Dickens?' I said, and he said, 'No, Edmund Wells,' and we went through most of the rest of the Monty Python routine. We were both pretty amused."

He chuckles softly, apparently remembering the exchange, and then says, "Anyway, I sent him to the right shelf, and he read for a while, and then left it on the table when he finished. It wasn't until later that I discovered the papers he'd left around the library..."

  1. Constructive Criticism
  2. Background Research
  3. A Walk in the...Cemetery?
  4. Second Game
  5. Twists and Turns
  6. Time's A-wastin'
  7. Some Stars
  8. Less Engineering, Dammit!
  9. Dictionary






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