Document 6.5: Twists and Turns

The librarian hands you a sheet of paper, saying, "We found this puzzle stuck inside a book called Cretans for Dummies." He continues, "According to some notes scribbled in the margin, it seems each row has two answers reading across, and there's a path of words winding through the maze, but it doesn't say where the path starts or what direction it's going. And I have a suspicion there's something else he's leaving out, but I just don't know what. Maybe you can take the bull by the horns and figure it out." An extremely off-color pun occurs to you revolving around the word "bull," but you wouldn't want to be non-PC, so you let it pass.

  1. "You are in a maze of twisty little passages, ___"
    Widow's walk feature
  2. Scottish hillsides
    Iberian interjection
  3. One of two rivers that forms the Humber
    "Ignorance is strength," e.g.
  4. Sharp
    Lopsided defeat, to a sportswriter
  5. Formal banquets
    Fix a wayward shoelace
  6. It may attract attention
    Beats in an Old West gunfight
  7. Mojo Jojo's is exposed
  8. Ready for a smack?
    Avis : #2 :: ___ : #1
  9. X5-452 portrayer
    Spiff, e.g.
  10. Greeted with disapproval
    One of the Young Ones
  11. Hungary joined it in 1999
    The Lunar Rover's top speed on level ground
  12. Artsy
    It may be represented by a bead
  1. Visine delivery device
  2. Sulphur dioxide causes it
  3. He talks to the animals
  4. "Exile in Guyville" songstress
  5. Film whose DVD features an extra entitled "Tattoos"
  6. "...that can ___ my spirits to your worship"
  7. Dodge
  8. Splits
  9. Lone Star's brewing company
  10. "...multicolored mirrors on his ___ boots"
  11. Mend
  12. Shelf support
  13. Tebaldi e Moffo
  14. Bewail
  15. Elder stateswoman
  16. Trajan's successor
  17. Citrus-flavored confection
  18. It may be used to discuss ancient history
  19. Her first book of poetry was titled Once
  20. Highest area of jurisdiction?
  21. Quezon City replaced it for a while
  22. Early type of plastic
  23. Jumper with cables?
  24. French battle site of 1944

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