Document 6.4: Second Game

Remember that pulp thriller your boss was working on, the one you found pieces of on his hard drive? Apparently he was brainstorming here at the library, because you find a sheet of paper tucked inside a copy of Les Miserables. Where do writers get all these ideas, anyway? (Roger Zelazny said that they come from Schenectady, but you don't even know where on the map that is.)

An artist finds a terminally ill woman on the streets of Granville Island, and his friend records her pain onto a soft, a sensory immersion medium people view through jacks to their brains.

Pluto turns out to be an artifical planet left over from the work of alien engineers.

A girl, sent into exile with her father, draws on her planet's Caribbean myths for strength and survival.

A group of household appliances, abandoned by their master, sets out on a quest to find him.

A media mogul who feeds off negative emotions arranges a love affair between a man hideously altered by aliens and a suicidal seventeen year old mother of one hundred children.

A doctor researches near-death experiences with the aid of a neurologist, an ER nurse, and a nine-year-old.

A middle-aged violinist looking for her daughter in California enlists the aid of an unlikely and possibly non-human seeker of truth.

A pilot and the doctor he chauffeurs bring Santa Claus to Mars.

A pair of math teachers in Texas encounter trouble while cycling in the abandoned supercollider.

Asexual spacers land in various cities, looking for entertainment and groupies.

A man from a theocratic world is yanked from reality to reality by higher powers testing his faith.

A linguist and poet faces his greatest challenge when confronted with a dying race of Martians, their language, and their holy texts.

A convention of quantum physicists goes strangely awry, perhaps due to its unlikely setting.

Two adventuring heroes (a barbarian from the frozen north and a thief who dabbles in magic) become the first to climb the tallest mountain to steal its treasure, though they face many monsters and a family of invisible guardians.

To celebrate his emergence from sadness, the main character joins a game of quantum soccer, where he meets a stranger.

A 32-year-old broker from Chicago wakes to find himself on a fictional whale-hunting expedition.

A swordsman challenges a warlock in a fable about the exhaustion of natural resources.

Twin children of the emperor must save mankind while their aunt struggles to keep her position and her sanity.

A linguist works on a two-dimensional alien language, and later raises a daughter.

When a colony ship finds itself unable to decelerate, time slows for the passengers so that they seem to be traveling farther forward in time, perhaps even to its end.

A young man and his colorless friend Ruth may have the special talents needed to save the planet.

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