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Solution to You Took The Fifth

Reference Point

by Eric Berlin and Katie Hamill
based on an idea by Lea Berlin

Each of the nine dialogues are instructions on how to manipulate a starting word so that the result is a legal term. At each step, TAKE THAT is a command to delete something, HOLD IT is a command to insert something, and OBJECTION covers everything else. Looking up the Latin translations of the legal terms, and then "taking the fifth" as per the title gets you the answer: STAND TALL.

BubbleTranscriptStringLatin TermExtraction
(Start)We call the baseball team's little assistant.BATBOY
Take that!First thing's first and last thing's last.ATBO
Objection!This half should be that half, and that half should be this half.BOAT
Objection!Stop thinking so small! Think much, much bigger and fancier!YACHT
Objection!You should start by abruptly leaving your job!QUITYACHT
Hold it!Am I short a pound? No, I am short FOR a pound.QUILBTYACHT
Take that!Boron & hydrogen! All of this is nothing but Boron and Hydrogen!QUILTYACT
Objection!The very first thing should be good -- not a question!GUILTYACT
(End)I don't need to hear anything more!GUILTY ACTACTUS REUSS
(Start)We call someone involved in a swordfight.FENCER
Take that!We demand you briefly consider Duke's place.FEER
Hold it!That is a registered trademark!FREER
Hold it!Now you want a dish made with eggs.FROMELETEER
Objection!You have four of something. Maybe you should only have two.FROMLETER
Objection!Of those two, the first should be an ace!FROMLATER
(End)Let's move on, shall we?FROM LATERA POSTERIORIT
(Start)We'll start with Scalia's replacement.GORSUCH
Take that!I'm interested in a pair of consecutive neighbors.GOUCH
Hold it!What do you pay to get back a kidnapped person?GORANSOMUCH
Take that!What you need is this short article.GORSOMUCH
Objection!What's good is actually a failure!FORSOMUCH
(End)I demand we change the subject.FOR SO MUCHPRO TANTOA
(Start)I call the man who sits in the throneKING
Hold it!Right at this moment?!?KNOWING
Objection!Grammatically, you should use an adverb, not a verb.KNOWINGLY
(End)That's it, you're finished.KNOWINGLYSCIENTERN
(Start)Where do many cars start and end their day?DRIVEWAY
Hold it!And what is something a GPS gives you?DRIVEROUTEWAY
Objection!Any tungsten in your possession should be put up front!WDRIVEROUTEAY
Hold it!What do you get as a result of a rash or a bug bite?WITCHDRIVEROUTEAY
Take that!A flowing body of water!WITCHDOUTEAY
Objection!Dee, you're out of order!WITCHOUTEDAY
Take that!Ever since year 1!WITHOUTDAY
(End)Now what do we have here?WITHOUT DAYSINE DIED
(Start)What do you call a room on a ship?CABIN
Objection!Follow that with leaves!CABINGOES
Objection!You need to put some work up front!EFFORTCABINGOES
Objection!You're being very loud -- just be loud!EFORTCABINGOES
Take that!I know a farmer who had a dog. What was the dog's name?EFORTCAES
Objection!A hit, right at the start!HEFORTCAES
Objection!The last two need to change places!HEFORTCASE
Objection!That guy goes after Troy!FORTHECASE
(End)Let's move on to another topic!FOR THE CASEAD LITEMT
(Start)I call one of the reindeer!COMET
Take that!It's a visitor from another world!COM
Objection!A lawsuit goes after that!COMCASE
Objection!The last thing should be first!ECOMCAS
Objection!Put west to the west!WECOMCAS
Objection!You should conclude with a round of applause!WECOMCASHAND
Take that!Money is what you need!WECOMAND
Hold it!You need another thousand!WECOMMAND
(End)You've got it now!WE COMMANDMANDAMUSA
(Start)Something just isn't right!IMPROPER
Take that!Why, you little devil!ROPER
Take that!You have no rights -- no rights whatsoever!OPE
ObjectionFollow that with a part of the eye.OPELENS
ObjectionThe Chicago train goes to the end of the line.OPENSEL
ObjectionThe final bit should be an answer - not fifty!OPENSEA
(End)That's all I need to hear from this one.OPEN SEAMARE LIBERUML
(Nothing)As you know, there is a color associated with sadness.BLUE
Hold it!And there is a musical instrument associated with polkas!BACCORDIONLUE
Hold it!And there is a model of Pontiac associated with the Beach Boys!BACCORDIONGTOLUE
ObjectionStrike the first item from the record!ACCORDIONGTOLUE
Hold it!And now let us briefly consider the state known as Old Dominion.ACCORDIONGTOVALUE
Take that!Do you need oxygen?ACCORDINGTOVALUE
(Nothing)That's it -- we're done here!ACCORDING TO VALUEAD VALOREML
(End of Dialogues)Court is adjourned!