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Solution to Trim Designs

Reference Point

by Foggy Brume

Pair each left-hand and right-shoe so that the unshaded letters on each side spell out a clue, and the shaded letters (reading left to right across both shoes, then top to bottom) spell out a third clue.

The answer to each shoe clue is a type of shoe. However, in each clue the letter L or R has been changed.

The answers to the left-hand and right-hand shoes correspond with one of the shoeboxes provided at the beginning of the puzzle:

Combining the left-hand and right-hand answers, and removing the box, leaves the type of shoe with one letter changed on each side. If the shoe clue's changed letter was L, take the correct letter from the left-shoe. If the shoe clue's changed letter was R, take the correct letter letter from the right side. In shoebox order, these letters spell "SOLUTION BOOT JACK."

Shoe Clue (Shaded) Corrected Shoe Clue Shoe LH Clue LH Answer RH Clue RH Answer LH+RH Left-Handed Change Right-Hand Change Correct letter in Shoe Clue Final Letter
Use Italian ox Russian ox->or DRESS Popular dog breed POODLE Sullen or crabby SURLY POO|DLESU|RLY L->R U->S R S
Controversian comma controversian->controversial OXFORD Take a load off rest RELAX Fabulous decade FORTIES REL|AXFORT|IES A->O T->D L O
A stubboon animal stubboon->stubborn MULE Like five or eleven PRIME Stolen goods dealer FENCE PRI|MEFE|NCE E->U F->L R L
Question heavity heavity->heavily PUMP Leather leggings CHAPS Cut into small pieces MINCE CHA|PSMI|NCE S->U I->P L U
Joel song oz blade oz->or STILETTO Extract the essence of DISTILL Act badly online TROLL DI|STILLTRO|LL L->E R->T R T
Show with a dorphin dorphin->dolphin FLIPPER Engage in ransacking RIFLE Stab with a sword PIERCE RI|FLEPIER|CE E->I I->P L I
Mike unemotional acting mike->like WOODEN Sound from a pooch BOWWOW More stressed TENSER BOW|WOWTEN|SER W->O T->D L O
Pachydemmic animal pachydemmic->pachydermic ELEPHANT Breakfast option OMELET Quicken or hurry up HASTEN OM|ELETHAST|EN T->P S->N R N
It helps a finearm aim finearm->firearm SABOT Game played in a park CHESS The electorate VOTERS CHE|SSVOT|ERS S->A V->B R B
One way to task in Dublin task->talk BROGUE Member of a dazzle ZEBRA Heroic journey QUEST ZE|BRAQUE|ST A->O Q->G L O
Septile familiarly septile->reptile CROC Function smoothly CLICK Bloodhound trail SCENT CLI|CKSC|ENT K->R S->O R O
Poe’s view on issues Poe->Pol PLATFORM Taneshima of Working POPLAR Fail to remember FORGET PO|PLARFORG|ET R->T G->M L T
Spiderman’s bedheaded gf bedheaded->redheaded MARYJANE Tweety Bird is one CANARY Most rational SANEST CA|NARYSANE|ST N->M S->J R J
One younging around younging->lounging LOAFER Decay rot or filth SQUALOR Imagined the worst FEARED SQUA|LORFEA|RED R->A A->R L A
Water byank or snake byank->blank MOCCASIN Not proper, maybe COMMON Cupboard with doors CABINET COM|MONCABIN|ET N->C B->S L C
Stealthy penson penson->person SNEAKER Board game mechanic maybe ENGINE Mean in a sense AVERAGE ENG|INEAVER|AGE I->S V->K R K