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Tikki Tikki Tembo

The Ministry

After receiving much criticism for Tikki Tikki Tembo for the inaccurate portrayal of Chinese names, Arlene decided to write a new children's story after studying some more about Chinese culture. This time she even consulted Hundreds of Chinese Surnames (or just the first couple dozens, can't blame her)!

In this new story, nine kids fell into a well! Build some ladders so they'll be able to climb up (grabbing the rails left hand before right hand)!


Nine ladders, all gray with black bars spaced at varying heights

Ladder pieces

Pieces of the ladders, all of which contain letters

Nine generic people figures lettered A through I, arms upstretched to reach for help, at the bottom of a well

The kid's name ...

  1. Zhao Li Li
  2. Shen He Jiang You
  3. Xu Wang Zhao Xu
  4. Xu Han He Sun Wang
  5. Wu Feng Shen Li
  6. Shi Zhao Kong
  7. He Yang
  8. Zheng Wang Han You Xu
  9. Wei Zhou Zheng

Which meant ...

  • High Prosperous
  • Happiness Force
  • West Gate Son
  • Hundred Old Converge
  • Easy Cowrie
  • Love Horse Official
  • Chinese Fort King
  • Abstruse Profit Abstruse
  • Ten-thousand Treasure Road