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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Investigation

In this field of enchanted poppies, you find that some of them might cause you to lose your head, though you can still function.


  1. Doing a voice-over?
  2. Mascot of the longest-running PSA campaign in
    United States history, familiarly: 3 wds.
    Gloucester's virtuous son
  3. Wasn't indifferent
    Official march of the U.S. Marine Corps: 2 wds.
  4. µ, sometimes
    Rub in someone's face: 2 wds.
  5. No times: 2 wds.
    Literature Nobelist who ran for president in 1990:
    2 wds.
  6. Imbue with new life
    Things people can't do any more: 2 wds.
  7. Sauce trickled over a dish
    "Home of the Blues", per a 1977 act of Congress:
    2 wds.
  8. Fool: 3 wds.
    Unenthusiastic comment about one's job: 3 wds.
  9. Lea's partner in condiments
    Gets away with highly risky behavior: 2 wds.
  10. Swinger who's often high?: 2 wds.
    "I did NOT see that coming": 2 wds.
  11. They've each got a point
    Sang: 2 wds.
  12. Important figure for a potential investor:
    2 wds., abbr.
    Inverted comma: 2 wds.
  13. Carrots' pale cousins
    Takes place
  14. Area categorized by a particular Köppen
    classification: 2 wds.
    Of all time
  15. Installment in the MCU?

Light Blooms

  • Acquires through effort
  • BoSox division: 2 wds., abbr.
  • Defeat in a game of: 2 wds.
  • Give in person: 2 wds.
  • Hannah of Yahoo! Sports
  • Hose attachment
  • Host machine
  • "Il Penseroso" poet
  • King with an Oscar and four Emmys
  • Lack
  • Morning office
  • Outlined
  • Rings
  • up (starting a hole)
  • Wild or violent

Medium Blooms

  • Botch horribly, as a pronunciation
  • Bounces
  • Casual cotton slacks
  • Drink from the Tahitian for "good": 2 wds.
  • Eponymous inventor Earl
  • Fermented soybean dish
  • Girl who calls Peppermint Patty "sir"
  • K+, e.g.
  • Mock
  • Not miss
  • They're shunned by the pious
  • Turnkey, in Britain
  • Twitch stream reactions
  • Vaccine provider, sometimes
  • What the Colt .45s renamed themselves after the
    1964 season

Dark Blooms

  • Chance, e.g.
  • Covered with grease, say
  • Football's "Broadway Joe"
  • Freight transporter, sometimes
  • Gets underway
  • Married name of Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • Nate of FiveThirtyEight
  • Only Central American country with no Pacific coast
  • Puts forth
  • Shakespeare library founder
  • Supplies a fitting line
  • Wipes out spectacularly: 2 wds.