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The Hound of the Vast-Cur Villes


An exotic human entity's best friend is an exotic canine entity.

Reports of a spectral hound have been zipping in from places like this all over the US. In each municipality, five search parties of various sizes have formed to investigate. Unfortunately, lanterns are limited, and they must be allocated using Victor's Belgian allocation method.

Afghan Hound

All the parties here were close-knit.
19 lanterns.

Five knitters collaborated to make an afghan. They each knitted a different whole number of panels, for a total of 233, and each knitter's panels were in a unique pattern.

How many panels did each knitter make?

  1. No one made fewer than 20 panels, or more than 100.
  2. Blake, who made the most panels, made exactly four and one-half times as many as the one who made the fewest (whose panels had a harlequin pattern).
  3. Alex & Drew, in some order, made the polka-dot and checkerboard panels.
  4. Exactly one knitter made a perfect square number of panels. Their panels were not striped.
  5. The knitter who made checkerboard panels made more panels than Casey, and fewer panels than Alex.
  6. There were 55 polka-dot panels.
  7. The knitters were, in some order, Alex, the one who made striped panels, the one who made argyle panels, the one who made a prime number of panels, and Ember.


12 lanterns.

For the weekly sausage fest, they go to the warehouse store and buy a bunch of packs of the sausages of the week and exactly as many bags of 16 buns as it takes to serve every sausage on a bun.

They eat all the sausages, but there's always something left over.

Week 1: It's an ANDOUILLE fest! They buy 3 packs.

Week 2: It's a BRATWURST fest! They buy 7 packs.

Week 3: It's a CHORIZO fest! They buy 7 packs.

Week 4: It's an ITALIAN SAUSAGE fest! They buy 6 packs.

Week 5: It's a KIELBASA fest! They buy 5 packs.


The parties were counting on the fact that, to a greyhound, red, green, and blue are all the same.
19 lanterns.

Irish Wolfhound

The largest moon-howler of them all left these parties wondering just how big it was, many times.
16 lanterns.

One Time
Four Times
Two Times
One Time
Eighty Times

(They used the mean radius and rounded to the nearest km at the end, but of course many other methods would have given the same conclusion.)

Otter Hound

All the parties agreed; this one was a real Giant.
20 lanterns.


Pharaoh Hound

The parties crept. They crept into his crypt.
13 lanterns.


  1. Outwardly anarchic Washington band (2/2)
  2. Made a hole in one penny after 1 CE (4)
  3. Ada & Ava dropping five hundred and five, like, really small batteries (4)
  4. Initially pursue routine investigation, or an old conviction (5)
  5. Mrs. Bunker is in bed, I think (5)
  6. Papuan province rebuilt leeward inn (3 7)
  7. Perform bits of searching to get water! (5)
  8. Unstuffed roulade was turned and cut again (5)


  1. Looking heavenwards, we note several (1 3)
  2. Commanding officer with the German programmer (5)
  3. A nude, dancing guitarist named Allman (5)
  4. Charlie to sing for addition to demo (4)
  5. When Horatio sees the ghost of beheaded desert plants (3 1)
  6. Will you permit me to flip one sweet potato? (3 1)
  7. Don't refuse a salute, Oscar (5 2)
  8. Paquin gets a sawbuck for a part in The Fly (7)
  9. Unblocked author getting into dictionary (6)
  10. Fish that hurts tail (6)
  11. Stews oil so badly (5)
  12. Dig up earth Victor was in front of (5)
  13. Beginning to enjoy the web? That's disgusting (4)
  14. You know southeastern Gaelic (4)
  15. Vice President almost taking right turn (4)
  16. Denials from Scots actor Connery would be upsetting (4)
1 2 3 4
5 6
7 8 9
10 11
12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19
21 22

Plott Hound

These parties' excitement level could vary in the time between 00:00 and 01:00, but they always enjoyed flipping their axes.
12 lanterns.


The parties searched zones of equal area, distributed uniformly in a straight line.
29 lanterns.

Note: All the numbers on the map tell you what's in specific positions, but only some of them tell you about the sizes of zones.

85 6 2 9
4 6
2 5 1
4 6 7 1
7 3 52
6 1 7 2 5 3
8 3 12
8 5 6

Trigg Hound

The parties were rather precise in some respects, but all they could say about the hound was that it was light brown.
25 lanterns.


The Grand Finale

99 lanterns.