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New You City
You got this message! How about you post, put, head and delete some elements to get the Really Full Convention document (DOC)?

Looking for tech support? We usually have live support, but we’re a little busy at the moment, so read our webpage, or check out our email, and chat bot, and I’m sure we can get you what you need.

This puzzle has changed so that it can be archived. You can't do what was intended during the real hunt, but maybe you could use the query string as another method? And you may need to inspect the puzzle carefully.


Everything you load on a website is done through HTTP requests (well, a lot of the time) — some are for assets (like images, styles), but the key is the web page itself, being where the important information is.

Although you might initially read the content of pages, you often can’t see the network requests happening, but they’re important.

Don’t forget to inspect HTTP responses for what you need!

Even if it seems incomplete, remember that we have webpage, email, and chat bot.

Reach out to us on all our support channels - they don’t connect well to start with, but they come together in the end.

Sincerely, New You City Tech Support