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Solution to Projection Booth

Reference Point

by Peter Gwinn

The puzzle is in the form of 8 movie clips and 1 "Coming Soon" video promising new movies.

Each movie clip has a segment inserted with a clapboard showing each movie's Title, Roll, Scene, Take, and Director. This is the needed information -- the titles and directors of the actual movies in the clips are not used. (Also, every clapboard shows the same Camera guy, Phil, and the same Date, which is the date of the Hunt).

The clips are presented in alphabetical order by the title on the clapboard. When re-ordered by Director (whose last names start with A-H), the first words of each title in order say WATCH FRAME BY FRAME DOT COM MAY HELP. The last words of each title say WHEN STICKS CLICK YOU CAN START 2 COUNT. (The letters under "Roll" spell NOT PART OF PUZZLE).

The final "Coming Soon" video flies through several movie posters really fast (just one frame for each!) Freeze framing on these posters ( may help!) reveals that each poster has a starburst containing an exclamation (like Awesome! or Booyah!) that covers one word in the movie's title. When alphabetized by the exclamations, the covered words say TIME IN SECONDS IS SCENE POINT TAKE.

Per these instructions, the "Scene" number S on each clapboard represents a number of Seconds, and the "Take" number T represents Tenths of a second.

For each clip, solvers must pause the video S.T seconds after the clap of the clapboard, or S.T seconds before the clap if the clapboard is upside down. (This is called a "tail slate" and is common in filmmaking. The guy holding the clapboard says "Tail slate" in each of those clips, so solvers could google the term if they're unfamiliar). If solvers do use, the flavortext tells them to keep the default 25fps setting.

The other part of the flavor, "We've got movie sign!" suggests the final step: At the specified point in each video, a character is forming an ASL letter with one of their hands (or, as close as we could find to an ASL letter). Take these letters in order (again by director) to get the answer BROADWAY.

DirectorTItleTitleTitleRollSceneTakeTime from Click
Wes AndersonWatch meWhenNO55755.7
Kathryn BigelowFrameofSticksTP35635.6
Damien ChazelleBythe Camera'sClickAR999.9
Brian dePalmaFrameMe FramingYouTO223-22.3
Clint EastwoodDotMarquez Thinks SheCanFP29929.9
David FincherCom.Codon in PressStartUZ737.3
Greta GerwigMayI murder thee?2ZL480-48
Tom HooperHelp!I'm in Love with aCount!E30530.5

Coming Soon to Projection Booth:Correct Word
BOOYAH! The HeightsIN
This DOPE! 40IS
GREAT! Me Home TonightTAKE

clip from video 1 with ASL letter B

clip from video 2 with ASL letter R

clip from video 3 with ASL letter O

clip from video 4 with ASL letter A

clip from video 5 with ASL letter D

clip from video 6 with ASL letter W

clip from video 7 with ASL letter A

clip from video 8 with ASL letter Y