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Once is Happenstance


A small case I investigated, about seven crannies intermittently interspersed among some completely individual items, acquired super-colossal international intrigue!

The investigation.

In each instance, a small number of wide interstices between single objects contained vitally important clues, but most did not.

Investigation clues and grid
Meat Loaf album (4 wds.)??????????????
Dogs originating where Northumberland meets Scotland (2 wds.)??????????????
Create (3 wds.)??????????????
Drinking without stopping for breath (hyph.)??????????????
Things the meek may avoid??????????????
Old "sulfide"-free name for (C2H5)2S (2 wds.)??????????????
"Turn this ship sharply away from port!" (hyph.) ??????????????
Last two letters of the first answer, slangily (2 wds.)??????????????
Bushmills, say (2 wds.)??????????????
Capsicum that's generally milder than a Serrano (2 wds.)??????????????
Cavalry force celebrated by Tennyson (2 wds.)??????????????
As per the title's continuation, this unflukish answer (or any of 10 others)??????????????
Infrastructure that provides snailmail service (2 wds.)??????????????
Emergence into sight once more??????????????
Of the country Mecca is in (2 wds.)??????????????
Pattern of stress or emphasis in a word sequence ending in a period (2 wds.)??????????????
Plaid (but not tartan) pattern once popular among ewe-raisers (2 wds.)??????????????
Universal unlockers (2 wds.)??????????????
The act of branding something as ignominious??????????????
Those from Cluj-Napoca, say??????????????
"Circular files" for trash??????????????
Bodies involved in Lyonization (2 wds.)??????????????

The cast of characters.

It was interesting where they did (or did not) leave clues, and what, and how often.

Characters clues and grid
Adrian SmithI_
Advance one (multispace) columnIII_
Answer just above with axes switchedIX_
Author of the Hellenica OxyrhynchiaXI_
Digression enderII_
Fictional vampire hunterII_
Flat lookalikeIV_
Frown, oftenVIII_
Good moveVI_
Michael Moriarty filmV_
Move your paper up a littleVII_
Nicholas Hoult characterIII_
Pierce Laboratory buildingI_
Polar explorer DongchenVI_
Send a typewriter part all the way backXI_
Sharp lookalikeX_
Treble barleycornIX_
Warhol novelVIII_

The conclusion.

Conclusion table