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Solution to Mickey Mouse

Star Rats

by Mark Halpin

Each image in the puzzle depicts an item in Cole Porter's song "You're the Top." Blanks given below the images fit the lengths of the items that rhyme with the depicted items, as shown below. Highlighted letters spell the clue COLE PORTER'S "NO MORE PHILANDERING OR ... HOTSPOTS" SONG, a reference to the lyrics of FROM NOW ON.

Data for Mickey Mouse
1The Louvre MuseumThe ColosseumCOLE
2The steppes of RussiaThe pants on a Roxy usherPO
3The feet of Fred AstaireCamembertRT
4The smile on the Mona LisaThe Tower of PisaERS
5Mahatma GandhiNapoleon brandyNO
6A turkey dinnnerThe time of a Derby winnerMO
7An old Dutch masterMrs. AstorR
8The purple light of a summer night in SpainCellophaneEPH
9Whistler's MamaAn O'Neill dramaILA
10The nose on the great DuranteInferno's DanteNDE
11A Waldorf saladA Berlin balladRIN
12An Arrow collarA Coolidge dollarGOR
13A Bendel bonnetA Shakespeare sonnetHOT
14Mickey MouseThe melody of a symphony by StraussSPOTS
15The baby grand of a lady and a gentPepsodentSON
16The National GalleryGarbo's salaryG