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Public Access


New You City

Self-help looks different for different people, as we all need different things. But you can reach your own personal goal! After all, you have the credentials, and you are the key. What can New You City provide your team with?

During Mystery Hunt, this puzzle depended on the completion of creative tasks described by the answers of the other puzzles in the round. Whenever another puzzle in New You City was solved, a description of the task appeared on the puzzle page and in the table below. Each team had to email the result of each task to HQ with a subject line "[Task-specific tag] for [team's username]" (for example, for the Public Access team and the task CAMEO IN AN MCU MOVIE, the subject would be "Cameo for public"). HQ would then evaluate the submission, and if the task was accepted, more characters could be revealed in the "results of your introspection" box.

Click the icon in each row to show the feeder answer and task description. Click again to simulate accomplishing the task.

The results of your introspection: