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Solution to Hell’s Kitchen


by Eric Berlin

After identifying each demon, you can exorcise each one (mostly) by rearranging the letter strings before and after each letter in the demon's name, to spell an answer to one of the Exorcism Incantantions.

One of the demons' letters will remain, however. Taken in order (so the D in Demogorgon is first, the E in Belphegor is second, etc.) spells the answer DEVILED HAM.

COMRADEFellow traveler
FATIGUEExtreme tiredness
TRITONResident of a sea palace, in Greek myth
INTROSSome emcees' responsibilities
WHILEAt the same time as
COMMUTETrip to work
CLASSESSchool offerings
STRINGGuitar part
WINTEROne of the seasons


answer grid 1

Some fancy maneuvers, in fighting video games
Event intended to show admiration to someone
Secret planning, as by spies
Saying "But I waaaant it!"
Water bear
One reacting to a YouTube video, say
Member of both Cream and The Yardbirds
Puts an accent mark on
Someone likely to testify at a trial

CERESLargest known asteroid
INTERIORUS department tasked with managing public lands
LARVALNot yet mature, as an insect
APPLEFirst company to be worth $2 trillion
PRESSESUses a button
STATICRadio noise
PENCEBit of a pound


answer grid 2

Characteristics of musical voices
Pause in the action
Boston athlete
Gaps in one's memory
Ladybug's prey
Good stage actors have this
You and everybody else
Fierce fighter

PREDATESComes before, chronologically
COLLATESort papers
GERUNDWheeling or dealing, say
PERCENTPie chart slice
CON MANFrank Abagnale, Jr., notably (2 words)
OCTANEGas pump number
CURATORMuseum employee
GOOBERPeanut, informally
SURREALLike much of Dali's work
RESOLINGFixing a shoe, say

Greek (maybe)

answer grid 3

Member of the fictional species Yautja
Big name in camping equipment
Make coffee, perhaps
Solidify through cooling
Canadian Thanksgiving month
Flow of water, as in a river
Searching online, most likely
Strikes a chord

PRIMEQuality grade of beef
TRUNKSBasic men's swim gear
IMPRESSMake someone say "Wow"
SUBLETAllow someone else to live in your apartment
FORGINGFaking a signature
MALTEDSweet shop drink


answer grid 4

Treasurer's concern
April Fool's Day events
Walking through deep snow
Attributed blame for
Awe-inducing in its beauty or grandeur

BALANCEGet a checkbook in order
HARMONYBarbershop specialty
ANTLERReindeer's weapon
RELIEFNon-starting pitcher
DISNEYOwner of 21st Century Fox
MISCASTBad in a role, perhaps
HEXINGCasting a spell on
BRAVESTMost fearless


answer grid 5

Sandbags, for a hot air balloon
First name in a Sondheim title
Result of a farmer's work
Brittle silvery metalloid
Like a day at a spa, ideally
Space between here and there
Bit of troublemaking
Mercy, in Overwatch
Wield (a weapon)

BOOTINGStarting a computer
ANTENNASignal receiver
MOSESName in Exodus
MUSTERGathering of troops
SIGNALA wave or a nod, sometimes
MADAMEFrench term of address
IMPALESStabs through
CRIMSONRich red color
TREATISEFormal written work on some subject


answer grid 6

People born in the 1950s
Mammal whose Latin name literally means "worm tongue"
Tenon opposite
They sometimes get pulled
Observance of something -- often of something unusual like a UFO
"Borderline" singer
An act against one's country
Tahini ingredient

PROWLINGSneaking around
ABSENTNot in school
PLUTOAstronomical body in 2006 news
SPRITELemon-lime soft drink
PREMISEBasis of an argument
PARABLESStories with a lesson
SHALOMShabbat greeting
CANALSArtificial waterways
CHESTERName in the lyrics of "The Weight"


answer grid 7

"Right now!"
When said twice, a Faulkner novel
Media, women, teeth, etc.
Spreading out in a messy way
Roll call response
One looking for a host
Chicken bred for the oven
Disorderly scene
Vancouver athletes
Lingerie item

MONGERSuffix meaning "tradesperson"
SCOUREDCleaned deeply
WINERIESBig purchasers of barrels
ARTICLEMagazine part
FOLGERSBrand on the coffee shelf
SALOMEOscar Wilde play
INCHESMoves slowly (along)


answer grid 8

Phalanges' place
Working at Cold Stone, say
Attractive in appearance
Time off for many
Circulatory system parts
One end of a hair
Nine Stories author
Covered against damage

HEROESThey save the day
MIGRATETravel to live somewhere else
ASSUREDDispelled doubts
GENRESRomace, horror, science fiction, etc.
LACHEYReality show star Nick
DECADENTLuxuriously indulgent
TRIAGEER nurse's responsibility
LABILEEasily broken down, in chemsitry
BANTERClever conversation
EMPTIERMore barren


answer grid 9

Milton with an eponymous company
Satisfy someone who has been upset
Not Jewish
Make deep cuts in
Wine lover's accessory
Three-pronged weapon
Worked hard, in England
Bluegrass instruments
Roman, Ottoman, Persian, etc.

PARKERSWith "The," early 2000s UPN series
MONSTERScary creatures
QUINCEPear-shaped fruit used in preserves
MISSIVESFormal written communications
CEMENTFix firmly
CHEAPENDebase in value
ARCHERYMerida's skill
TOKENArcade coin


answer grid 10

Attending a rave
It commemorates a person or event
Brand of personal finance software
Publicly state
Member of the parsley family
Game that was "solved" in 2007
Historical collections
Certain kitchen appliances