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Curious Customs

The Quest Coast

Entering this wondrous realm means getting trapped within an equally remarkable bureaucracy. Fortunately, to get through customs, all you need to do is divine the answers to every riddle in the world. (Some riddles are multipart, and every answer must be entered in at least one of the specified places on this really, really big page.)


1Well-known cryptic constructor in a rage (5)
6Taking care of that old louse (2 2)
7At first, oranges are green (5)
8Newly ranking Roman was wearing jewelry (8)
9Opening for Kingston Trio in Arlington or Malden (4)
10Of the skull's now-horizontal curve to the left (7)
11Charlie vows or promises to start getting retro with regard to linguistic rhythm (8)
13Western footballer evacuated inhospitable Wyoming city (7)
15Actor Alda portrays singer Morissette (6)
16Spigots emitted liquid the wrong way (4)
18, 37Hearts embracing hard tasks valley-dwelling Molly would give author Eliot (6)(6)
19It claims tin fails to exist (3'1)
22Groovy piano lid slammed shut that way (4)(4)
25Capital's wild animal sanctuary's red-infused glow (6)(6)
26Court claims you know something definite for each posh country (4)(4)
28Regret having large code symbol (dash dot) in Morse (4)(4)
29What Omani freebies cost for someone who attests nonsense song is by Navy service club member (8)(8)
31Semi-safe hideaway for most rational sextet crossing really anticlimactic river in Norwich, CT (6)(6)
33Ray & Glen's idiosyncratic voice boxes squelch the twelfth letter in "idiosyncratic" (8)(8)
35Scottish motto's last word is "cleats," "anagrammed," "radius," "absent," "snafus," or "pharaoh" (8)(8)
39, 53Toss pet a piece of lamb aspic and such, for ultimately bringing joy and connecting emotionally (8)(8)
40Love Italia's capital, which is Wheeling (4)
41, 59Some grimacing computer confused Mini-Me too (4)(1'1 2)
42Cutters chiefly split or cut rinds back, or saw wood (5)(5)
44Gold around killer whale bones reflected like so (4)(4)
46Endlessly nosy gp. that launches sports org. can ground Ace (4, abbr.)(4, abbr.)
48, 70Wild Louisiana zebra flipped over the Ra-smashing father of Abraham (5)(5)
49Exclamations indicating insight one has about stuff for Greek characters (4)(4)
54Man, I spent 50 or 60 shekels to get a bagel for a sot (4)(4)
56Read opening description of red meat that's not commonplace (4)(4)
58Unfortunately, Al's having a cuckoo group banish naked people from Yale's topless eateries (4)(4)(4)
60Stats guy Silver then finally had seen unusual suffix for "Shanghai" or "Goa" (4)(4)
62Max gets northern Celtic men Yoko's nonstereo retrospective on an iPod (4)(4)(4)
64Literary friar with king edited retreating pharaoh's disapproving comments (4)(4)
66Units that are energetic medical facilities sheltering a thousand types of Missouri neighbors (4)(4)
68Invent less adult island deity who inspires English singer Oscar (5)(5)
71Originally, Troy's depilatory substance cult outwardly constitutes religious group (4)(4)


1People transforming liquid into regular dowsing-rod-like item in a square two columns west of each 3D in the grid (4)
2Archaic term for "close to one listener" (5)
3Note train or item that must be installed vertically down the center of each column two squares east of a 1D in the grid (6)
4Arising tardily, along with some others (2 2, abbr.)
5Technetium blocks destroy online firm (6)
11Actor Morita has little plan (4)
12, 45Chat with California operator that is lacking ink that ornaments fairness remarkably (8)(8)
141150 boring stone trails in the same style as a real eye-opener (5 5)
17Becoming pole- and lariat-user (6)
18, 51Sad lady covered with sticky stuff (4)
20Mr. Marner — yes, the Spanish Fleming — is ascending a sacred mountain (5)(5)
21Diplomacy involving one silent duck and alien that's turned unenthusiastic (5)(5)
22Beforehand, concur terribly eager rep there's seizing neighboring UK playhouses (8)(8)
23Prickly, shirtless, callused Henry addresses casts (5)(5)
24Writer Ephron's reversible green garment strap captivates radical crowd (6)(6)
27Errant finks mixed pigment for printing T-shirts nonresponsive nun's wearing illicitly (8 3)(11)
30, 65Wine bottles in instrument case from Texas and Arizona's gutless empresses (8)(8)
32Sexy actor Bana gets overtime scattering silt on schedule (6)(4 2)
34Told to look for a line of clothing that makes tense women relax (4)(4)
36, 72Danish brick's less long, as vanities were in Virgil's times (4)(4)
38Bravo publicity worker, before a Christmas film scene, can misread "birth" (3 5)(8)
43Penny and Arthur divide Welsh river in Stafford (4)(4)
47Spiritual interpretations of one's gaga, silly pirate toast concluded (8)(3 5)
50Mortgage 25% of honeydew melon to get a gizmo that eventually opens Coke Milt agitated (4 4)(4 4)
522/3 of Gramp's 5-carat funereal ring's bottom edge damaged Pam's meat roll and small brooch (4)(4)(4)(4)
55Twisted Sisters actress Ward presents many a beer run as a game of chance, perversely (4)(3-1)
57Civil War battle opponent and ally put up messy hair & went nude (8)(2 3 3)
61Glow surrounding $1000 tin for cheese-covered and browned wild rice I cut with basic gabbro (2 6)(8)
63Lace-ripping Guinness, upright Croft, and a sea god heard the Ram King's wild foal (4)(4)(4)(4)
66Island's anger rising over new flower I almost endanger (4)(4)
67Badger Spot with ridiculous test at the conclusion that's frequently not hard (4)(4)
68Yak disheartened 66' antelope with no drive or esprit (4)(4)
69Where you'll see skaters sporadically irk nice person who's noble and barely dingy-looking (3 4)(7)
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