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Solution to Billie Barker

The Ministry

by Ben Smith, Dan Lepage, Jen McTeague, Kevin Wald and Shai Nir Hana

The answers that go with this puzzle are:

The Boy with Two HeadsBEEBLEBROX
Kiki's Delivery ServiceFILMOGRAPHIES
The Last OlympianJAVELIN THROW
The Day You BeginYARDSTICK

Answers need to be placed in the grid such that the letters A-Z are assigned to arrows. Take the letters of the alphabet two at a time and interpret as semaphore.


The answer is SOMEWHAT BUGGY

Author's Note

This meta was somewhat mechanically inspired by the Bloomsday/Arbor Day meta from 2019, though it is much, much simpler. It took about two days to develop from conception to more or less its final form. The visual motif of horses is not particularly clueful for solving, but is just there to make you groan when you get the answer.