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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The Ministry

Tweedledum and Tweedledee can always be found in the same place, spouting the same nonsense. They are twins, of course, but not identical twins.

In a typical Fraternal Twins puzzle, corresponding six-space sections contain the same letters, but in a different order. This is not a typical Fraternal Twins puzzle: While Tweedledee's clues are presented in order, Tweedledum is being quite disagreeable today. Quite disagreeable indeed.

Tweedledee (in order)

  • Get into position for takeoff
  • Aslant
  • Drink associated with the Kentucky Derby (2 words)
  • 2019 movie musical
  • Epicurious contents
  • Word on a new hire's nametag
  • one's time (waits)
  • Put in a place of honor
  • Peano curve, for example
  • Material in some vests
  • "Dancer With Bouquet" artist
  • Fried chicken option

Tweedledum (not in order)

  • Become fully understandable (2 words)
  • Disney's CEO through the 90s
  • Highest score possible with a single dart throw
  • "Insert something here" symbol
  • Nibbles (on)
  • "Obey Your Thirst" product
  • Pressed
  • Purplish shade
  • "Resume previous speed," musically
  • Sci-fi setting, often (2 words)
  • Show appreciation, maybe
  • Small bay