In Registration Day Town, scholars halt their research while they sign up for the classes that will help them earn their specific degrees.

Please send two team members.

At Registration Day Town, teams were given a blank class schedule and told to register for their semester classes. Teams would do this by going on a mini-runaround to find twelve class listings posted in the hallways and filling out their schedule.

However, not just any class will do. Teams are pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Molasses Cleaning. While each listing will provide three available classes, only one class is valid for this degree.

There is a hidden internal rule that determines if a class is valid. To help teams discover the rule, they were supplied a sheet with valid and invalid examples modeled after the previous events. The examples are provided below.

With an understanding for how to select a valid class, teams went on the mini-runaround to visit the twelve listings where they selected the correct class at each and added it to their schedule. The listings are provided below.

Once teams solved the puzzle and confirmed with Game Control, they received a physical object to take back to their HQ. Teams were also awarded 20 drops of solvent for completing the event.

Teams were given a blank schedule . . .

. . . and examples with which to discover the hidden internal rule:

Course GHD — Rodent Husbandry and Meteorology
Avoiding Thunderstorms and Static Cling While Caring For Your PikachuINVALID
Micro Denticles and How They Destroy Your iPhone ChargersVALID
Course FD — Flag Design and International Communications
A Penchant for Peaceful Pennant PanacheINVALID
Tariff Lags and Trade Delays: Is Global Economy Good for the Global Economy?VALID
Course MLKJD — Oration and Dream Interpretation
Andrea Martin’s Amusing Musings About Broadway MusesVALID
Freudian Slips: Where You Say One Thing But Mean Your MotherINVALID
Course TLAPD — Ocean Studies and Dialect Appropriation
Cymodocea nodosa and Other Sea Flora: The Marine Turf WarsVALID
Pronunciations of Aluminium: A Divide and Debate Across the PondINVALID

Once solvers understood how to identify a valid class, they saw the following listings in a random order:

Course 1 — Civil and Environmental Design Studies
Class Title Schedule
1.012 Facade Significance: Why You Should Judge a Building by Its Exterior T1
1.013 Imprisoned Within Neo-Brutalist Walls: How Elgin Lost His Marbles M2
1.014 Gaudy Gaudi: Art Nouveau or Art No-View? R11
Course 2 — Mechanical and Robot Engineering
Class Title Schedule
2.001 Asimov’s Laws: They’re Really More Like Guidelines Than Anything T11
2.014 Rocko’s Modern Artificial Life: AI Basilisks and Why You’re Now Implicated M2
2.015 Electro Botcheries: The Difference Between Buick Skylark and Brutal Skynet R1
Course 5 — Atomic and Nuclear Sciences
Class Title Schedule
5.004 Yarn Theory: More Strings For Schrodinger’s Cat to Play With W11
5.012 Lambda and Nu: Clear-cut Particle Identification Through Spectrometry T11
5.019 Non-Proliferation Through Rare Neutral Particle Detection F2
Course 5 — Atomic and Nuclear Sciences
Class Title Schedule
5.001 The Great Omicron Particle: Unlocking the Secret to Holographic Projections W11
5.011 Stoichiometry: Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill M11
5.013 Integrated Heterogeneous Kinetics and Reaction Engineering Design R2
Course 9 — Cognitive Sciences and Neural Circuitry
Class Title Schedule
9.007 Aliens and Zombies: From Probing Brains to Eating Brains T12
9.016 To Sleep, Perchance to Dream: Axonal Rewiring and Cellular Regeneration W2
9.018 Migraineur Allergies, Triggers, and Current Therapies F12
Course 12 — Earth, Cosmos, and Inter-Dimensional Sciences
Class Title Schedule
12.002 Stephen Hawking’s Lesser Known “Long Answers to Tiny Questions” W12
12.009 Parsec and Lightyear — the Theoretical Basis for Star Trek and Star Wars M1
12.025 Studies in Diffuse Extragalactic Light and Annihilating Dark Matter F1
Course 13 — Ocean Engineering and Marine Biology
Class Title Schedule
13.002 The Four Seahorse-men: Studying Biodiversity at the Seabed M12
13.017 Hydrodynamic and Stability Considerations in Subsea Structural Design F12
13.021 Low-fat Calamari: Neurons and Unmyelinated Axons, Squid as a Model System R2
Course 16 — Rocket Science and Aeronautics
Class Title Schedule
16.005 Can You Hear Me Now? Satellites Technology For Interstellar Communication T1
16.011 Buzz’s Stellar Moonrock: Eternity and Beyond M12
16.024 Jet Propulsion, Low-Friction Surfaces, and Antigravity Technologies R1
Course 19 — Roofs, Tunnels, and How to Hack
Class Title Schedule
19.002 The Great Dome: Cop Cars, R2D2, Fire trucks, and Catapults W1
19.009 ADV Stealth Acknowledgements — the ADVENT of Vadding: A history T2
19.021 It Holds Tradition Foregoing Profanity — Iterating Homages to Fit Perfectly F11
Course 19 — Roofs, Tunnels, and How to Hack
Class Title Schedule
19.003 Jack of All Trades: Orange Tour Certification Class T2
19.014 Velcro Of Silence: Binding Materials for the Covert Student W12
19.020 Inventorying Hunt Texts For Posterity — It Has Two Fundamental Purposes F11
Course 20 — Biological Engineering and Applied
Mathematical Analysis
Class Title Schedule
20.009 The Neverending XOR-y: NIM-bly Winning Impartial Games M1
20.017 When Life Gives You Lemma: A la Carte Theorem Add-ons, to Taste R12
20.020 The Guarana Lysis Blight: Synthesis of Transgenic Agricultural Flora F2
Course 21 — Humanities: Anthropology, History, Literature, Philosophy, Comparative Media, and the Kitchen Sink
Class Title Schedule
21.003 Descartes vs Hume: Dialectic Theories of Skepticism R11
21.005 Exploring the Validity of Invented Languages: From Klingon to Elvish T1
21.026 It’s the End of the World as We Know It: Cross-Cultural Armageddon Theories W2