by Stephen Peters

Each of the 12 videos is of a TV episode that features background music, but the music has been replaced. In addition, there is an audio file that contains short sections of the original sound from the video.

If you match up the short sections of sound to where they appear in the matching video, the new music has a word at that exact location. That word, when combined with the TV show, provides a clue to a character. The first letters of those characters’ first names spell out the phrase NILES BROTHER, for the answer FRASIER.

Show and Episode Original Song Replacement Song Word Name
Family Ties, “The Real Thing: Part 1” “At This Moment,” Billy Vera “I Kissed A Girl,” Katy Perry Boyfriend NICK
Arrested Development, “Missing Kitty” “The Final Countdown,” Europe “About Time,” Falsettos Caterer ICE
Sopranos, “Made in America” “Don’t Stop Believing,” Journey “Happiness is a Warm Gun,” The Beatles Mother LIVIA
Stranger Things, “The Pollywog” “Don’t Mess Around with Jim,” Jim Croce “Suga Mama,” Beyonce Waffle EGGO
Breaking Bad, “Felina” “Baby Blue,” Badfinger “Tonda Wanda Hoy,” Dean Martin Lawyer SAUL
West Wing, “Six Meetings Before Lunch” “The Jackal,” Ronny Jordan (feat. Dana Bryant) “Vibrating,” Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians Pug BESS
Friends, “The One Where Eddie Moves In” “All By Myself,” Eric Carmen “Mirror on the Wall,” Bruce Hornsby Ophthalmologist RICHARD
Lost, “Man of Science, Man of Faith” “Make Your Own Kind of Music,” Mama Cass Elliot “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” Billy Joel Airline OCEANIC
Doctor Who, “The End of the World” “Toxic,” Britney Spears “Airline Amy,” Weird Al Yankovic Stewardess TEGAN
WKRP in Cincinnati, “A Date with Jennifer” “Hot Blooded,” Foreigner “Domino College,” Jimmy Buffett Butler HIRSCH
Six Feet Under, “Everyone’s Waiting” “Breathe Me,” Sia “Born This Way,” Lady Gaga Lesbian EDIE
Scrubs, “My Finale” “Book of Love,” Peter Gabriel “Last Days of Summer,” Weezer Labrador ROWDY