by Chris Cieslik and John McLaren
Answer: BYWORD
Problem: Holi Town/​Patriots’ Day Town

Each of the pieces on the board moves like a chess piece, but its name gives it an additional adjacency restriction.

Knight (Statesman)
The last two letters of every word on the board are a US state abbreviation. A Knight can only move to a state that borders its current word.

Pawn (Avowed Vassal)
The avowel-ed pawn can only move to a word with one more or one fewer vowel than its current word.

Bishop (Bard)
The start of each word is one of Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti. The Bard can only move to a note one up or one down than its current word. Ti wraps around to Do.

King (Ascended Son)
The ascended son cares about letters with ascenders. He can only move to a word with one more or one fewer ascender than his current word.

Queen (Mason)
The mason lays tiles—Scrabble tiles to be specific. She can only move to a word with a Scrabble score one higher or lower than her current word.

Rook (Absolute Unit)
The rook measures the length of words. They can only move to a word with total length one longer or shorter than their current word.

Each piece can follow one path, which draws out a letter. These paths, taken in order of the tutorial, spell out the answer BYWORD.

The knight and king loops can go in either direction, and the pawn’s final move is a choice, creating the forked Y.

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