by John McLaren and Rebecca Vessenes

Solvers are presented with a giant grid of odd fourteen-segment displays, and six electronic devices with a letter on each screen.

Identifying the six devices in order results in a Blackberry Storm, an Apple iPod Nano (sixth generation), a Nintendo Game Boy Advance, a Texas Instruments Nspire CX, a Samsung Galaxy Gear, and a Pandora Classic gaming console. Solvers should note that the letter on each screen matches the manufacturer of the device.

The title of the puzzle is a hint to look at their resolution—which after a bit of research solvers should realise all have a lowest common resolution of 40×40 pixels—which is the same size as one of the fourteen-segment displays within the grid.

Overlaying each device’s resolution over the LCD grid, there will be three alignments on the grid where the initial letter of the device’s manufacturer is in the top left corner and the device would not cut through any enlarged fourteen-segment displays.

Taking each of the three grid appearances, and overlaying them together reveals a unique arrangement of whole letters in each device’s screen.

Each of the screens uniquely identifies phrases or words that are missing a single letter to form common New Year’s resolutions.

DeviceDevice ResolutionLettersNew Year’s ResolutionMissing
Blackberry Storm360×480SAVEONEYSAVE MONEYM
Apple iPod Nano (sixth gen)240×240EXRCISEEXERCISEE
Nintendo Game Boy Advance240×160GOABRODGO ABROADA
Samsung Galaxy Gear320×320VLUNTEERVOLUNTEERO

Adding those missing letters in the order of the devices below the grid spells the answer MEADOW.