No matter what the best chefs in Holi Town cook for the festival, some people can’t leave well enough alone.

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  • Bream with herb butter
  • Filo dough
  • Pasta carbonara
  • Petit fours
  • Pinto bean salad
  • Sand tarts
  • Steam-basted eggs
  • Succotash
  • Tuna sandwich
  • Turmeric and garlic chicken
  • White grape lemonade
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Is it me?

At the very beginning I replaced the piece of bay leaf with a spoonful of chutney. Tasted good when I checked so I added another spoonful late in the second step. It all seemed like it ought to come out tasting reasonable, but it was just gross. So disappointing.

A cook from Cincinnati

Okay, who wrote this terrible recipe?

This looked waaaaay too fattening so I skipped the pasta. IDK how this happened but I wound up with a mess of raw eggs and bacon fat and cheese, even though I subbed a little pepper for the second handful of romano. Disgusting.

A cook from South Beach

Recipe doesn’t leave room for error

My last roommate stole my measuring spoons so anytime a recipe calls for a teaspoon of anything I have to just skip it. Sometimes it’s fine but in this case? No.

A cook from Ann Arbor

Too bland as written

How is steam even an ingredient? A little flavor please. Instead of steam I used mint. It was weird but I think I’ll keep tinkering with it.

A cook from Cleveland area


I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough gluten for this to stretch out thin enough without tearing, so I added a cup of durum in the first step. Dry, dry, dry. I could barely get a mouthful down.

A cook from Atlanta

Sugar is bad for humans

I can’t put this kind of shit in my body, I ignored the whole recipe and just ate caribou

A cook from a cave

Nothing I tried could save this one

It was looking dry so I added gin at the end of the first step. I did everything else as directed and it was awful. What were they thinking?

A cook from Boston

Gross, just gross

I made this exactly as described except I added natto at the end of the second step. The texture was beyond disgusting. Ruined our evening, guests were horrified, such a disappointment. I had seen this recommended but I am going to unpin it for sure. Blech.

A cook from Flagstaff

Getting somewhere, maybe?

I know it comes from a fruit and everything but I just hate having dyes in my food, you know? Anyway I can’t figure out why anyone would want a salad to be orange. Whatever, I skipped it. The result was . . . all right? I guess? But it needs some work.

A cook from Ithaca


A whole cabbage seemed like way too much so I left it out altogether. Maybe cabbage funk was what this was missing? It didn’t taste good enough for me to try to figure it out.

A cook from Valparaiso

Interesting but kind of unbalanced

It didn’t specify which witch herb so I went with a little yarrow. An OK recipe, I guess, but honestly I think the dairy flavors here are overwhelming. It got eaten, whatever, but it’s not the best ever. Dial it back a little, guys!

A cook from Kansas City, MO

Hated it

This really seemed like it wanted more earthy notes so I used the turmeric to coat half a beet in the first step. Bad plan. Bad recipe. Cannot recommend.

A cook from Albuquerque

So is flour

Literally just caribou, I didn’t even cook it

A cook from like Lascaux or something

It’s just not good

I thought maybe finishing it off with a slice of nectarine as garnish would help balance the flavor profile. Nope. Lost cause.

A cook from St. Paul

Have to get over myself?

Tubers kind of creep me out so I skipped that part. I dunno, maybe I should get over the tuber thing, because this was definitely not good without it.

A cook from Denver

Upsetting! Extinct ingredient???

I don't know, maybe this is just not for me? Because I am never going to find dodo at my grocery store, but without it there was just very little going on here.

A cook from Ft. Worth

Really weird, but OK for kids

I was making this for children so of course I omitted both cups of sugar, and then they were too impatient to let it cool so I added ice at the end. The texture seemed kind of terrible to me, but at least the kids didn't know any better.

A cook from Helena

I love MY version :)

What kind of monster came up with this? I almost didn’t make it at all but then just decided to omit the tern, and I'm glad I did—the result was nice and smooth with an unexpected twist. Will make again.

A cook from Tulsa


I know SOME people on this site like killing animals but not me, thank you. I also can’t stand garlic so I made the vegan non-smelly version. What a waste of time. Don’t bother.

A cook from Portland

There’s the possibility of something interesting here . . .

You know what, you don't even need the eggs. It’s a little out there still but I think it has promise.

A cook from Cleveland Heights

Society is built on a foundation of terrible foods!

A whole caribou

A cook from the Paleolithic

Linty sadness :(

Followed the recipe for the most part but did make a few minor adjustments. I hate all the lemon bits so I added a straining step to get rid of them, but since I didn’t have cheesecloth I used some jeans from the rag bag and they shed all these little fibers, so instead of lemon I had a bunch of denim in there, the entire rear end and then some. Undrinkable.

A cook from Nashville

Needed something else

I couldn’t afford unagi so I left it out, along with the drizzle of niçoise dressing. I sure hope this would have been better if I had left them in, because without them it was just blah.

A cook from Laramie

Seriously, go paleo!!

On the veldt, no one used recipes! Just eat caribou.

A cook from the past, when men were men

Don’t waste your time on this one

Made this as directed except I replaced each cup of corn with a cup of Pepsi and subbed in a bit of daikon for the sprig of tarragon (picky family). I was really looking forward to enjoying this classic, traditional dish, but sorry, it was just foul. Real suffering here.

A cook from Chicago

Random surprise success!

I forgot to start the rice cooker early enough and I had guests coming, so I just left the rice out altogether. It was great! Spare, minimal, unfussy.

A cook from Indianapolis

Not so good

My husband didn’t like the regular kind of gritty stuff that was supposed to be in there, so I replaced it with his. Still not great.

A cook from New Orleans


Since a previous reviewer said the flavor was bad, I omitted the measure of spices and added a spoonful of sugar instead. You know what? Still bad. This is just a bad recipe, I guess.

A cook from Oxnard

Upgrade with herbs makes all the difference

I knew from other reviews that this needed some more flavor, so I added most of a bunch of thyme before the last step. Worked out great.

A cook from Walla-Walla

Less is NOT more

I was remembering a gin-and-it I had and wanted to do something kind of reminiscent, but I was out of vermouth so I skipped that part. Terrible.

A cook from Queens

Huffy people tire me

I don’t know what’s wrong with some people that they have to go around insulting people just because they eat meat. Leave me out of it.

A cook from Sheboygan

Nice one!

Looking at this when it was nearly done the proportions just seemed off, so instead of a pinch of capers I mixed in another scoop of tuna. Delicious!

A cook from Springfield, IL

Smoking meat is okay, I GUESS

The guy who runs my crossfit gym even makes his own caribou bacon

A cook from the tundra

On my top ten list

I lost my place in the recipe and added the rasher of bacon after the slice of onion instead of before. Success!

A cook from Wichita

Tinkering continues . . .

Still experimenting with this one, lord knows why. This time when it was time to add the water, instead of a spoonful of boiling I just added a little tepid. Maybe we’re starting to get somewhere? I told my daughter all about this and she thinks I’m cuckoo but I told her to try for herself and see.

A cook from Cleveland Heights, OH

Delicious for any occasion

I'm not sure what everyone else is complaining about. I served this with half a wheel of Edam and it was fantastic.

A cook from St. Louis


I just stick with the raw caribou though


Gah, what a waste

Even with the previous reviewers’ modifications I could tell this still needed a tweak, so I tried stirring in a dipper of honey early in the last step. Nope, terrible.

A cook from Peoria

Great recipe!

Filleted shad seemed really out of place in this dish so I omitted it and served the rest on a leaf of lettuce. Thanks so much for this recipe! Delicious!

A cook from Virginia Beach

This is THE ONE

My mom told me how to do this and I wrote it all down but I had barely started cooking when my freakshow roommate literally STOLE AND ATE the first page of my notes. Anyway I wound up forgetting the pat of margarine. Now I make it that way all the time—so good!!

A cook from Columbus

Horseradish delight

I tried plating this with a dollop of horseradish at the center. Really pulled the whole dish together—highly recommended.

A cook from Tallahassee

Love it

Ugh, grape, why is it in so many things? Relying on grape for flavor is just lazy recipe writing. I skipped it and I'm glad I did—this was really tasty.

A cook from Savannah