Thanksgiving Town invited their neighbors to dinner, but things went south. Leafing through the neighbors’ schedule, you discover that they already ate last month.
  • Document represented by a mostly-white card in a game with a Maryland Railroad (4)
  • First name of the first European to settle Corvo Island (4)
  • Full name of a female senator who represented the New Jersey legislative district where you’d currently find Woodbury Heights (4 4)
  • Game card that is known as Ordine Gemello in the game’s Tunisian edition (4 5)
  • Irish nationalists’ name for second-largest city in Ireland (5)
  • Messaging app founded by students at the University of Kitchener (3)
  • Oilfield discovered off the coast of Bolivia in October 1996 (8)
  • Only word preceding the colon in the title of a tell-all book written by a World Series winner from Jamaica (6)
  • Surname of a controversial cabinet nominee linked to a Thompson’s Station company (6)
  • Surname of a fictional New Jersey senator killed by an exploding Watchdog (6)
  • Surname of the first European to cross the river whose headwaters are located in Two Inlets State Forest (2 4)
  • Surname of the older of two producers of the 1938 film My Old Tennessee Home (4)
  • Surname of the person who served as mayor of the city of Sainte-Catherine, Quebec until 2017 (7)
  • Villain whose first name is also the station you’d get to by traveling three stops southward from Tsubogawa on the Naha monorail (8)

Do not rotate or reflect these shapes.

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