Like Johnny Appleseed, Arbor Day Townsfolk enjoy going from state to state, making a tour of the nation (or maybe even two).


1 Pennsylvania hockey team presented with joint in large boat (7)

7 On vacation, former Illinois governor Philip goes topless (7)

9 Shifted seven (half of Alabama) to emergency room for stomach condition (5)

10 Small quarterback who played in Washington drops down in tiny country (6)

11 “Doors broken” seen around westbound Maryland subway line (1)

12 Democratic scoundrel is purveyor of Florida Black whiskey (6)

14 Jagged scar made by Kentucky baddie (4)

15 Like energyless magnetic flux around the capital of Texas (1)

18 Mother and North Dakota doctor work in place for secret communications (7)

20 Partial credit: South Carolina’s newspaper employee (3)

23 Society poseur presents thier olio for California et al. (3)

25 Like James Brown, 60% of Tennessee’s staff evaluate parallel fifths (12)

27 Nick and Penelope meet in Arkansas city (1)

28 Location of Memphis, for example: New Jersey’s eighth point (8)

29 G. LeWitt, artist from Hawaii (8)

30 Google Cardboard, for one store’s CEO, distorted couple from Vermont (2)


1 Game with suspects (and something in a billiard room) taking the fifth in Connecticut (3)

2 Demonstrates basketball move by team that plays in Colorado (not jump shot) (4)

3 Traveling Oregon Fanning, for one, surrounded by rats, the devil, the fool, or the hermit (6)

4 I’ll see odd-looking linebacker O’Neal from Louisiana (4)

5 Former governor of Massachusetts is person eating nuts, not you (1)

6 Scottie’s pattern of lap dancing north of Nevada (1)

7 Folding paper note beyond old city 1400 miles northwest of Tbilisi, Rhode Island (5)

8 Large Idaho lothario taking standardized test about A Member of the Wedding (1)

13 Raving mad artists: Ohio Williams et al. (1)

16 Lawmakers from Maine cape provided rise at sea (2)

17 New Hampshire Brass holds sousaphone cover for husband (4)

19 Virginia LP spun to enroll jurors (2)

21 Famous Georgia plantation, however, captured Confederate (1)

22 Buffalo, New York’s “Top” band captivated by whimper (2)

24 Oklahoma quarters have nine small sailors (8)

26 Listening to part of Utah!, lyricist reveals eye problem (5)