Students in Bloomsday Town are avid learners, so their teachers have to grade their exams very quickly.
  1. What band was co-founded by the producer of Diana Ross’ most successful solo album?
    1. Chic
    2. Loose Ends
    3. The Jackson 5
    4. The Commodores
    5. Hall & Oates
  2. In what American city do tourists gather around a bridge to watch hundreds of thousands of sleeping bats awaken and emerge at dusk?
    1. Portland
    2. Boston
    3. New Orleans
    4. San Diego
    5. Austin
  3. Which of the following has not been the flavor of a Dairy Queen Blizzard of the Month within the last nine years?
    1. Nutter Butter
    2. Lemon Meringue Pie
    3. S’mores
    4. Black Cherry
    5. Cotton Candy
  4. What short film, best known for a sequence in which Harold Lloyd hangs from a clock, ends with a sequence where he hangs from a rope?
    1. Feet First
    2. Safety Last
    3. High and Dizzy
    4. Professor Beware
    5. Welcome Danger
  5. According to a streaming television show, what US state was briefly terrorized by a creature called the Demogorgon in 1983?
    1. Indiana
    2. New Mexico
    3. California
    4. Maine
    5. Ohio
  6. An 1884 poem and an 1996 Ig Nobel-winning scientific study both concern a phenomenon related to what food item?
    1. Banana
    2. Milk
    3. Toast
    4. Potato
    5. Egg
  7. In the cipher featured in a 1903 short story by Arthur Conan Doyle, what letter is represented by (approximately) the mirror image of the symbol representing the letter G?
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
  8. What was unusual about Harry Houdini’s first performance of the “Chinese Water Torture Cell” escape?
    1. There was no water in the cell
    2. There was only one person in the audience
    3. Houdini had a high fever
    4. The cell cracked due to extreme temperatures
    5. Houdini was rescued by an assistant
  9. According to lyrics in a song about the Battle of Yorktown from a current Broadway musical, what historical figure “needs no introduction”?
    1. Aaron Burr
    2. Nathanael Greene
    3. The Marquis de Lafayette
    4. Andrew Jackson
    5. Hercules Mulligan
  10. What suit is displayed on the pink playing cards in the Funhouse Frazzle level of the video game Cuphead?
    1. Hearts
    2. Diamonds
    3. Clubs
    4. Spades
    5. Eagles
  11. Schmich schmabrication schmompany schmeated schmaracters schmo schmeak schmis schmanguage schmon schma schmaustralian schmildren’s schmow?
    1. Handspring
    2. Creature Shop
    3. Big Nazo
    4. Puppet Heap
    5. Monkey Boys
  12. What color appears twice in the name of a boy band that released a song called “Beautiful Day” in 1997?
    1. Red
    2. Blue
    3. Yellow
    4. Green
    5. Orange
  13. What artist created Le Bateau, a paper-cut work displayed in New York’s Museum of Modern Art?
    1. Henri Matisse
    2. Georges Braque
    3. Alexander Calder
    4. Marc Chagall
    5. Rob Ryan
  14. In a 2012 film, what is the major obstacle in a budding romance between Adam and Eden?
    1. Their families are feuding
    2. One of them is a robot
    3. Divorce is illegal in their country
    4. They live on different planets
    5. One of them is imaginary
  15. What Presidential candidate was hosting Saturday Night Live when the musical guests were ejected from the building after performing “Bulls On Parade”?
    1. Steve Forbes
    2. John McCain
    3. Donald Trump
    4. Gerald Ford
    5. Al Sharpton
  16. In the first episode from Mad Men’s second season, Sal and Kitty eat dessert while watching a television broadcast hosted by what celebrity?
    1. Ed Sullivan
    2. Merv Griffin
    3. John Daly
    4. Dick Cavett
    5. Jackie Kennedy
  17. In what rebooted comic book series does a superhero team led by Wonder Woman face a group of villains known as the Otherkind?
    1. Justice League Dark
    2. Champions
    3. Titans
    4. Runaways
    5. West Coast Avengers
  18. What is the sum of the nine digits visible on the most famous postage stamp to depict the Curtiss JN-4 airplane?
    1. 18
    2. 27
    3. 33
    4. 40
    5. 46
  19. What singer-songwriter wrote multiple songs for a film in which Dick Van Dyke and David Cross play a father and son?
    1. Randy Newman
    2. Jack Johnson
    3. Willie Nelson
    4. Cat Stevens
    5. Eddie Vedder
  20. What MTV Movie Award did Tobey Maguire receive in 2003?
    1. Best Male Performance
    2. Best Virtual Performance
    3. Best Kiss
    4. Best Fight
    5. Best Action Sequence
  21. What is the first problem-solving cure that Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle uses after selling her house?
    1. The Not Truthful Cure
    2. The Fraidy-Cat Cure
    3. The Tattletale Cure
    4. The Radish Cure
    5. The Thought-You-Saiders Cure