The tailors in the Halloween Town costume shop know that a small alteration can make a significant difference.
1 Distribute cards
2 Agony
3 Part of a church along the main axis
4 I ____ (Chinese text used for divination)
5 Angelou’s “Still I ____”
6 Vocabulary particular to a certain group
7 Fall from the clouds
8 Off the path
9 Open to all students, in a way
10 Traditional tales of a culture
11 Something seen in old photographs
12 Asked-for favor
13 Greene of Galactica
14 Give an enthusiastic review
15 Candid Camera imperative
16 Sore
17 Forgeries
18 Headliner
19 An atom, after losing an electron
20 Represented numerically, perhaps
21 Greek god of war
22 Embarrass
23 Kick oneself for
24 One of four on a violin
25 “Yes, certainly!”
26 Composer of 4'33"
27 Inexperienced and easily taken advantage of
28 Subterfuge
29 Complete permutation of a set of bells
30 Step before “repeat”
31 Dangerous blockage
32 Something many people read in The New Yorker
33 Gaze
34 What Gertrude Ederle famously did
35 The Prado’s country
36 It’s like a metaphor
37 Something dived for
38 Something needed where smoking is permitted
39 Flawless, utopian
40 “I get no ____ from champagne”
41 What Charlie Cards are used to pay for
42 Place for an anvil
43 Actress Kidder
44 Guy you may want to remember, remember
45 What the answer to this puzzle will be used in
46 Equestrian control line
47 Mid-month to Brutus
48 Symphony originally dedicated to Napoleon
49 Poe’s avian interlocutor
50 Gently affectionate towards (with “of”)
51 Cipher supposedly used in the Book of Jeremiah
52 Proper to the nth degree
53 That is (2 wds.)
54 Particle exempt from the Pauli Exclusion Principle
55 Setting aside for later
56 One from Inverness
57 Eponymous unit of speed
58 Protect against prying eyes, as an old tax return
59 Passageway for a tear or for air
60 The ur-civilization, or the Ur civilization
61 Hamlet, for one
62 Sponge off a friend
63 Cardinal point
64 Place with good, but not great, seats
65 Meet completely, as an appetite
66 Emulate Brinker
67 Iron Maiden genre
68 Split with others
69 Easily searched, e.g. by having thumb tabs
70 Polyhedron that might produce a spectrum
71 Influence
72 Need for beer
73 Neckwear named for a racetrack
74 Arousing presentations
75 Inferno creator
76 Seek food in various places
77 Hindu religious leader
78 What Polonius was dead for?
79 New York basketballer
80 Place where skiers stay
81 Given a high number by Mohs
82 Discovered
83 Été, ici
84 Famous insurance agent Charles
85 Aggressively adopting certain sexist stereotypes
86 Brown et al.
87 Varnish ingredient
88 Collect obsessively